Software for installing zip files

I'm struggling with installing program Burn My Windows. I downloaded zip file from Burn My Windows - GNOME Shell Extensions

I applied instructions from How to Install Zip File in Linux - Ubiq BI
but that doesn't work.

Is there any software which can install software from zip file instead manually install?

I want to install Burn my Windows software which I downloaded from Burn My Windows - GNOME Shell Extensions

I don't know how to install so because of that I ask this question.

It should install from the page. On Shell Version drop down, Select 3.38
Then at the top, click on "Click here to install browser extension".

Otherwise, you can extract the .zip file into /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions

There's a guide on how to install it:

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I can't find usr folder.
There isn't that folder if I aleready showed hidden files and folders by shortuct CTRL + H.

Where to find that folder?

/usr is part of ROOT.

sudo -



Tap "other locations" then "computer" then you can navigate to /usr



Hit the Up Arrow Icon on the toolbar three times, then navigate to /usr

@Storm posted a link including Gnome Shell Install instructions above, too. Have you had a look at that?

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Yes, that's it.
Now there is one another problem.
When I try to copy the extracted content Zorin says this:

How to fix it?

Just as Aravisian wrote

That directory is part of Root, so you need root permissions to paste the content.

If you are using core version run:

sudo nautilus

If you are using lite, run:

sudo thunar

In the file manager you can paste the content wherever you need it.

PD: I'm not aware of the issue you are facing, but for this step I hope I have helped


quoted portions

are terminal commands - you can open a terminal from the app menu or with the keyboard shortcut: ctrl+alt+t
On Lite:

pkexec thunar

Would be preferable.
I also recommend against using sudo to open GUI applications.

Since Gnomes Nautilus doesn't like to play ball with pkexec and I detest the ///:admin address bar thing... This link should prove very useful for opening Root Elevated File Manager on Core for many users:

You can also use, as I posted above:

sudo -i


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