Software KVM on Zorin 17.1 core OR switch away from Wayland

Old laptop. Tried Live CD version of Zorin 17.1. One requirement: Software KVM to control Linux from Windows machine.

On live CD installed Barrier, everything worked great.

Installed core (format disk, install Zorin...). Barrier installs but Keyboard and Mouse don't interact with desktop. (See in Barrier log that the screen switch happens, but no control.)

Guessing because the Windowing System on the install is Wayland.

So questions:

  1. IS there a software KVM that works with Windows and Wayland that has installable binaries?
  2. Failing which ELI5 how to switch away from Wayland? (I saw some posts about click on the gear icon next to your login.... I don't see a gear icon on login.)

You have to click in the password field before the gear icon will show up.

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Keep in mind that you need to login to your account first, logout and then you will see the little cog icon – but you must click on the password field as if you were about to login, as this is a settings that applies for each user individually.

Thanks for the replies folks.

Also found this thread, specifically:

I moved the marked solution to this post in order to draw attention to your suggestion.

Other users can look at

sudo nano /etc/gdm3/custom.conf

Then restart the computer or restart GDM

sudo systemctl restart gdm

All is well now.

So, I'm logged in and I clicked on the password field and I still don't have a gear icon. It's kind of a moot point at this stage, but I'm wondering what I'm missing...

What graphics card do you have?

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Mesa Intel® HD Graphics 4000 (IVB GT2)
'Intel 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller'

OK. So it is not Nvidia graphics. Gear icon showing Zorin Desktop and Zorin Desktop on Xorg windowing options should be visible when you select field to login.

:slight_smile: Should is the key word here. All I'm seeing in the bottom right had corner is the "Users" icon.

I wonder if that means that the graphics driver is not fully compatible with Zorin. I didn't install anything specific, so I'm assuming that Zorin just chose a driver for me when I installed it.