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Hey Everybody. I'm new to the Zorin forum but I have been using forums since before 2008. I've researched this problem and haven't been able to come up with anything. Beginner to Linux, Love Zorin but dang mint seems easier sometimes. I have a growing knowledge of CLI and can handle my own for the most part. Yes there is a post similar to this and I tried every suggestion on that post to no avail.

This is one of the errors i get and I think it has to do with the "software & Updates" and possibly GPU driver. Setup in question is an hp with the i7 6700 16gb ddr3 and an EVGA 1050TI or Nvidia geforce 1050TI.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! This all started when I lost the ability to control my monitor brightness. Now I can open the "Brightness Settings" app from the store but I cant actually find the installed app from my start menu.

Yeah, we all get those errors. Not sure why. It'll get sorted eventually. You can install manually via:
sudo apt install {package name}

Before you do that, you might try:
sudo apt purge {package name}
... to ensure the half-installed package is fully removed, so you can do a fresh install.

You can list all the packages you've got installed via:
sudo apt list --installed

That should give you the package name for the brightness control, then you can use the Main Menu application to create an icon in the Zorin menu for the brightness control.

Or you can map keys in Zorin menu > Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts to the commands from that brightness control package, so you can use any keys you want to change monitor brightness.

Also, not sure what that /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jenkins.list file is... you can look at it via:
gedit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jenkins.list
... then if it's a junk file, you can remove it:
sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jenkins.list

Open software updater and click the sources tab. Uncheck the Jenkins listing.... error will no longer be there.

Thank you guys for the help. Didn't work though.

here is what the software updater gave me after running and I cant open the settings.
Screenshot from 2023-01-28 04-16-29

Screenshot from 2023-01-28 04-16-29

Jenkins is the Master Slave automation software that I'm playing with to link several of my machines together...usually over ssh but I'm researching using an ethernet cable to link the systems to combine cpu/gpu power for dvd backup and encoding. Its free and if you have systems laying around why not put them to use? Then when Something gets upgraded, new slave. I just dont have all the interfacing setup yet so I ignore that error.

I want to get steam running but its being a pain b/c I upgraded from a 128g ssd to a 980g. I used clonezille to clone the 128 but I have to go back boot from disk and upsize the root folder so i can install a game or two.

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Thinking about just starting over fresh...How is the paid Zorin vs Core that im running now? is it worth it?

Pro, whilst it includes extra desktop layouts and bundled apps, is primarily a way users can show their appreciation to the Zorin devs by making a financial contribution to the project. More discussion can be found here: Is zorin os 16 pro worth it

I think you should stick with Core whist fixing the issues you have, as Pro is gnome (except Pro Lite which is xfce) and you may have same problems with Pro.

zabadadoo Thanks. I love zorin really its my daily driver(by daily driver, I live in a studio appt) and integration to run .exe's is nice although I find myself phasing out all my windows programs for the open source equ..

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