Software updater seems to auto default to China

Hello, back in October this year I spoke with Zoring OS team re my Zorin 15.3 updating via the Chinese mirror when it was set to a different location.

Their initial suggestion was to try an https server. They are few and far between.

I tried Yamagata - (Japan) to no avail. MAIN, my usual is not HTTPS.

Every time I update, it links to a Chinese university server.

A while back, trying to download Zorin 16, I see the mirror is actually that same Chinese university.

So my system would be set up there from the get go.
At this point Team Zorin suggested this forum.

How then, can I select another mirror for my install download and how can I insure that the update / download mirror I set is actually the one used?
Ok, vague overview, specific questions may garner specific answers.
Any suggestions, tips or ideas please?

Open software update settings and choose the main server in the second tab i think. Forgive me, I'm on kde and it's not the same there.

Is this what we are talking about +337harvey?
If so, yep, we are on the same page, but this is the issue- resetting this seems to have no effect. And MAIN if you mean main server isn't https.
If we are different pages please guide me.

This screen shot may better illustrate for those like me who learn best from images.

When you download Zorin OS from the download page, you can see an option that says "Issues while downloading?" Click that and it will show a list of mirrors that you can browse through and select a different mirror to download Zorin OS from.

For the rest of your question:

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Look for:

deb focal main restricted

And change it to:

deb focal main restricted

Change Each Instance of it, not just one.

Look if you have:

deb focal-security main restricted

And change that as well:

deb focal-security main restricted

tap ctrl+x to exit, then the y key to say yes to save, then the enter key to save the current configuration.
Terminal will revert to normal. Now run sudo apt update

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@Aravisian Sire, you are, as always brilliant!
I have tried many option re the CN server to no avail, ne'er thought of looking for it via terminal.

I had a vague memory this system sent me an email reminder when new replies were posted, but seems not.
Have not attempted your suggestion yet, as only just read and courtesy demands a reply - albeit delayed.
But, I thought you had left?

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Was I supposed to leave?
I didn't get the memo...

Ok, Ok, thought you had quit.
No matter, forum is a far better place with you in it.
Still doing the morning courier airport commute?
Or has Covid dashed that?

No... sadly... That persists and now... It has doubled. So, I must be up in the middle of the night and all day long... I will admit. The gears are grinding.
You may notice on the forum I tend to be a bit... dumber... at times LOL.

I've not quit the forum any time recently...

Ahh, long hours.
Anyway squire, you were right on the money:
Not sure how I edit it though right now - using a small keyboard, limited key options.
Interesting warning: server supported!

You can use the file manager and text editor if that is easier on you

sudo -i




Navigate to /etc/apt and double click the sources.list file to open it in text editor. Be sure to Save before closing it out.

cheers for that, uhhm where is the carrot usually on a key board?
Terminal is not my strong suit!

On mine, comma is shift+comma = left carrot.
Period is shift+period = right carrot.

Not Sure Why you need carrots for the above in terminal, though...
The only thing you are doing is removing the cn prefix in the lines. Did you mean Arrow keys?

well, I made all changes, tried to save but on checking it reverted.
I saw a lot of options at the foot of terminal thought maybe that carrot was relevant! :thinking:

In terminal to save and exit:
Once done making the changes,
ctrl+x to exit
then tap the y key to say yes to save
then the enter key to save as current configuration.

I see, now. The carrot means hitting ctrl key in those prompts.

Yep, I followed your original instructions, but I must have hit the key next to + - my error.
The security area is clean but it talks about uncommenting .. should I do that?
If so what and how is an uncomment?

You can leave commented files as they are.

A commented file has the hashtag in front. This tells the system to ignore the line following the hashtag.

System read this line
#System ignore this line

To uncomment a line is to backspace that hashtag out of existence, ending all its future prospects and hopes to raise a family some day.

Since those lines are commented, your system is already ignoring them, so you can leave those alone.

Great, as always, excellent guidance.
System is updating - seems rather a lot of files to do!
Thanks for your help.
Hope life returns to something near normal next year for you.
I listen to some of the horror stories from clients in EU and am grateful I am here. ( never thought I would say that)
Life is relatively unchanged from what it was 2019, just a few more checks!
Take care.

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Is it all fixed? Or waiting to test that?

Everything saved well, been through restart still ok, waiting to test.
Looking at Zorin 16 download, seems I have a different view to you?

and as you can clearly see, the server / mirror is based in China