Software updater stuck on custom

so my software updater was set to all updates and now this am it switched to custom and I can not switch it back

Are your update settings pointing to Main Server instead of your country's local server?

yes i switched to main server still no change

Can you give a screenshot at all to understand exactly what is (or what is not) happening?

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sure one second

when i change to all updates it doesn't change just stays at custom

then it reloads and custom is still set instead of all updates

In such cases, I wonder which file I should edit to achieve what I want :card_file_box::thinking:. This way you force the system to set what you want but it's a last choice.

Can you try and update via a terminal instead by entering:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

and report back.

Have you installed any applications other than those in Software or other sources other than official ones?

Looks like that you're using a user's profile that hasn't the permission to set there to All Updates and so it always resets itself to Custom.

I will try either late tonight or tomorrow am as Iā€™m at work

What ?

No, nothing, I was wondering if maybe you were using a new created user profile and maybe that new profile is set by default to not allow changes to certain settings, including that one you're fighting against.

Got it no problem

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yes i installed howdy

ran the above

still stuck on custom

Try removing howdy first via terminal:

sudo apt remove howdy

Reboot and then try updating again. This is to see if howdy is causing the issue

I think it may but i dont really want to remove howdy, its honestly so much more convenient than typing my password all the damn time

A better and quicker solution would be to boot up with a secure usb key you can create yourself and in addition removes the need to enter sudo password when updating or installing software.

Maybe I will see if I can set that up one of these days then I could remove howdy and see if that fixed the issue