Solved: Fan noise on a Dell XPS 9510


I recently installed Zorin OS 16.1 on a Dell XPS 9510, and I started to notice high fan noise. I got the impression that the fans were spinning faster than was required for the load on the laptop. As this seemed to occur more often when an external display was attached I checked the NVIDIA X Server settings and thus found the root cause: no settings were shown, although the 'Additional Drivers' tab of 'Software Update Settings' showed that the nvidia-driver-510 package was installed, so something was broken. I selected the nvidia-driver-495 package, installed it, rebooted and then installed CUDA 11.6.2 following the instructions shown on CUDA Toolkit 11.6 Update 2 Downloads | NVIDIA Developer after selecting Linux/x86_64/Ubuntu/20.04/deb (network). This installed a working nvidia-server-510 driver and the fan behaves normally now. Note that you will also have to follow the procedure described in Solved: installation of CUDA 11.6 on Zorin OS 16 breaks suspend/resume in order get suspend/resume working again after installing CUDA.


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