SOLVED: Zos16.1 Pro Lite: Missing icons the icon tray

Hello all,
I've noticed I am missing icons in the icon tray. Don't see my Wi-Fi, Telegram or Proton VPN. Not sure why they disappeared.


Do you have the Indicator plugin enabled in the panel?
you can check that in panel preferences

I think status tray plugin item not included in your panel, right click on taskbar(panel) choice panel - panel preferences and look at Is status tray plugin included, if not , u can add it from click on add and select it.

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Both of the above answers are for Zorin OS Lite. Just to provide clarity; as the O.P.'s profile does not currently state the users Edition of Zorin OS.

OP is using Zorin os lite see the title :smiley:

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One of these days... I will learn how to read.

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Thank you that worked!

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