Some Icons Don't Showed Up As Exactly As the Icons that are packed in the package

I just reinstalled Zorin OS 2 days ago. I then downloaded and installed papirus-icon-theme. When I applied it to my system, the icon for the Settings in Zorin Menu is not the same as the Settings' icon that are packed inside the Papirus Icon Theme. Unlike before I reinstalled Zorin where it was matched to the exact icon.
Screenshot from 2022-09-20 19-53-46

And then second, in the Software Updater, the Zorin OS Base icon is having the same problem. Instead of using the Zorin OS logo, it is using this icon

Screenshot from 2022-09-20 19-51-19

Before I reinstalled Zorin, it also kinda weird. It used Debian logo instead of using Zorin OS logo.

NOTE: I only reinstalled the File System of Zorin. I didn't reformat or reinstall the /home directory.

I'm so sorry if this question is so out of place and unrelated to Zorin, but I'm just feel more at home if I ask for help in Zorin Forum :pray:

You have to go in an rename some icons to show the one you want. Not every icon pack as the the correct name of the icon that the system uses

How can I find and know those specific icons' name?? I've tried to find it before in the Papirus folder, but I got confused.

You need to find the name of whatever it is you want changed, then change the name of the icon in the Papirus folder to match that. Or you can find the icon that is appearing and change it.

Also, if you open main menu, you can change the icons there for the things that appear in the menu, just click on the properties of each thing.

But which folder should I change??

Can you also link directly to the download that you used?

It makes sense that the Zorin Logo would not be included in Papirus. You can add the logo in, placing it in the symbolic directory. This one is easy, you can just copy and paste the file over without remaining necessary.

I originally downloaded the Icon Theme from, but then I deleted them and tried to install them using apt because I thought the ones from gnome-look are not up to date.

It depends on what it is you're actually wanting to change. Sometimes it is just in the symbolic or scalable file, other times you need to replace the icon in each of the files.

TBH I'm a bit confused at this point what it is you're trying to accomplish. You put a new icon theme on your system then want the Zorin icons. A new icon theme will go around and change the icons to match whatever is in the theme. If you want the Zorin logo, go into your new icon theme and remove the settings menu icon, it should revert to the Zorin icon. If not place the Zorin icon in the new theme using the exact name that was in the new theme. Look at the index file and see where missing icons are going to be pulled from.

They're literally the same thing. And I never ever recommend using a PPA to get a theme by using the terminal. Just download the file and put it in your ./icons folder.. done.

I do....:grin: because it's how I distribute mine. But they are also available as .debs and any user can extract the .deb and simply move the relevant files without using the debian installer.

I'll take a first-hand look at the set so I can see what is going on with the Settings Icon.
The Zorin Logo in your screenshot is using the "Image-missing" icon from the Status directory - and that makes sense. Adding the Zorin distribution badge from you system theme will solve that easily.

I want to use the Papirus Icon Theme, but it isn't as perfect as before I reinstalling Zorin OS. The Settings' icon was this icon before
As for the Zorin OS Base logo in the Software Updater, as honest as possible, I really want it to be the Zorin OS logo. If not, at least it should using the Debian logo like before I reinstall Zorin OS.


In which directory should I change the image-missing.svg?? Because some of them have image-missing.svg file.

No, keep the "image-missing" icon. It is used by the system because the Papirus theme lacks the Zorin Badge. That image is missing... so the image-missing icon is being properly used. You only need to copy the zorin badge over to the papirus theme.
It can be placed in Places or in Categories
Try searching /usr/icons for the file name zorin-desktop_badge

I just searched for it, but it seems there's no file name that matches to that one. There are only these

Check if you have xfce4-zorinmenulite
It should have the same appearance as the Zorin Badge.

Then copy it and rename it to zorin-desktop_badge in papirus folders. You can place a copy of it in all the folder sizes: since it is .svg, it is scalable.

You can also make one copy or the symbolic/apps directory and name that one: zorin-os-desktop_badge-symbolic

I believe the Zorin icon you're looking for is in the Zorin folder in icons and under places, it is named start-here. (usr/share/icons/zorin)

Copy the icon, move it to the new theme and rename it whatever the one the theme is using. Or you may be able to just place it there. I can't tell, because I use Cinnamon and can set my menu icon to anything I want without going through all this.

But I looked at what the theme is pulling from, it inherits from Breeze and Hicolor.

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As for the Settings' icon, I just changed it manually through the Main Menu app. But for the Zorin OS Base, I still confused which is the file that has the same name to zorin-desktop_badge

Sadly there's none :sob:.

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Try @DeanG 's suggestion just above

Don't worry, I just downloaded one from wikimedia