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SOS critical issue stuck in CLI mode

This command didn't work systemctl disable pulseaudio.service pulseaudio.socket (Syntax Error) and i went backwards from that point.

P.s. current error on the screen is Smbus is busy cant use it.

That may have always been there. That deals with the kernel thermal monitoring.

The commands would be:

systemctl --user stop pulseaudio.socket


systemctl --user stop pulseaudio.service

That guide you referenced is terrible.
I just tested removing pipewire-audio-client-libraries also with no ill affect.
I wonder if it was due to the repository that the guide suggested? I honestly do not see how... But it is a difference, I was pulling from the Zorin Repository and you were pulling from the Debian repository.

Can you reboot and when you start seeing the Motherboard Splash Screen, start tapping the tab key like crazy.
This should pull up advanced Options for zorin
Try booting from an earlier kernel.
If that fails, choose Recovery and see if you can access enable networking then back to the recovery menu, drop to prompt.

I almost broke my finger clicking tab but nothing happens

Try esc key... You may need a finger splint.


Previous kernel didn't work i am in recovery, which one do i chose ?

Make sure you have an internet connection when running the recovery menu.
First enable networking from the menu then select 'Root' option - Drop to root shell.
At the command prompt enter:

sudo dpkg --configure -a

after completion run this command in case any packages are missing:

sudo apt-get update --fix-missing

After completion, shut the machine down - do not select resume or you will be in the same situation prior to attempting to sort this out.
After the machine has shut down, boot it up to see if the issues have gone away.


Did everything above Still stuck on loading screen, only thing is not sure what you meant by selecting resume i just switched of my notebook and waited after clicking power button

I cannot really see anything from what you did that could cause this.
On a whim, you may try, from recovery and drop to prompt:

sudo apt install --reinstall zorin-os-desktop

and see if that restores any missing packages. But I cannot see how you would end up with missing packages. The removals I checked out above do not remove anything other than what was installed.

I would think any stopped service would be restored by a basic Full Hard Reboot.


Thanks a lot this fixed the issue, i am not an expert but also have no idea how my link and your last advise are related.

Anyways didn't know linux was so sensitive will be much more carefull next time.

Now need to find verified guide for bluetooth mic issue

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I have Zorin Pro

Speaking from my own past mistakes :sweat_smile:

You can create a new thread for that.
Perhaps it is safe to ask our advise first before you make any big change to your system.

I also highly recommend creating a disk backup image of your current Zorin installation with Rescuezilla so that you do not have to do a full re-installation if anything goes wrong.

I tried one more time and can confirm that issue is caused by

sudo apt remove pipewire

Hopefully there is a way to restore PRO without reinstalling my OS

So you did sudo apt remove pipewire instead of sudo apt remove pipewire-audio-client-libraries...

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Well first i did
sudo apt remove pipewire-audio-client-libraries
sudo apt remove libspa-0.2-bluetooth
and after
sudo apt remove pipewire

I have timeshift, is it safe to use ?

I myself never use Timeshift so as @Aravisian
See for example:

Even when I was using macOS, I always used Clonezilla (Rescuezilla is based on this) not Time machine.

I prefer regularly backing up my files and reinstalling if it is necessary. Good to get a Fresh Clean start.


Yep this is my usual way to go as well, have everything on cloud. will do same on Linux as well.

Love the way how online accounts work and the way system is integrated with nextcloud and other cloud providers.

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