Sound crackling when volume adjust

Hi, guys!

Just installed the Zorin 16 Core and found this software problem: when I adjust the volume, my earphone reproduce a crackling sound. It seems to be something like a "hibernate mode" of the soundcard, cause after that, it's possible to listen a static sound (like "ssssssssss") which turns off seconds later.

Someone experiencing something like that? It's possible to fix?


@null Hi and welcome to the forum.

Some questions that will help us help you:

Can you tell us more about the hardware you have Z16 Core running on?
especially: Processor, RAM, Soundcard.

Is that crackling then hissing sound only when using headphones?

Does it happen when playing sound from particular software/player or everything?

Hi, @zabadabadoo!

I'm using: Intel® Core™ i7-5500U CPU @ 2.40GHz with 8GB RAM. Soundcard CX20756 (is that correct?)

With earphones on the 3.5mm jack. Doesn't occur with speakers and I can't connect my bluetooth earphones to test because they doesn't appear to connect.

It happens always I change the volume, even after boot, without nothing running except the OS.

Are you dual-booting with Windows? Did your analogue (3.5mm jack) headphones work OK on Windows?

Did you test out sound from "Try Zorin" on the Live USB. Did headphone work then?

From Zorin Settings>Sound
Are your headphones seen there? Post a screenshot

Open the terminal (Ctrl+alt+T) and enter alsamixer
Hit [F6] and check your soundcard is listed.

Post a screenshot of your alsamixer sound output channels display.

Have a play with headphone settings in alsamixer. Do you get the same noises when changing headphone volume?

I'm with 3 OS (Windows, Regata OS and Zorin). The problem it's just on Zorin.

The problem occurs on Try Zorin also.

Everything ok in Settings>Sound, they are there.
WhatsApp Image 2021-12-28 at 13.30.38

At alsamixer>F6, there are 3 options:

  • (default)
    0 HDA Intel HDMI (probably from my external screen)
    1 HDA Intel PCH
    Captura de tela de 2021-12-28 13-32-52

In alsamixer [F6]
Select [1 HDA Intel PCH]
Post screenshot.

Changing the volume over the Master option, the crackling doesn't occur. However, still over the taskbar.

scroll across to Headphone channel and hit your [M] key to unmute. Then increase the level using [Up-Arrow] key

The crackling doesn't occur

But the taskbar level didn't move with it
Captura de tela de 2021-12-28 13-47-39

Does the volume level change correctly when you change it in alsamixer?

If yes. Go back to Zorin Settings>Sound. Does volume level change correctly when you alter it there?

Note: you can save your good working alsamixer settings by typing:

sudo alsactl store

That will save them over a reboot.

Just noted: even with the volume level at taskbar on zero, the notifications from Rambox (WhatsApp) does the crackling sound also, for each notification.

When I move the volume level at taskbar, the PCM goes to 100 automatically, then the Headphone goes to 100 with the volume level at 10% and, for last, the master goes up, with the volume level.

One step at a time. What is result of those tests?

EDIT: You can also unmute other output channels in alsamixer to see the result. e.g. speaker, beep etc.

To move all the volume level, I have to use Master, Headphone and PCM together. Look:

Maybe this GIF help to understand:
deepin-screen-recorder_Select area_20211228142201

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You have to play around with alsamixer. Sound issues are not always logical.
First: Unmute [speakers] channel and increase the level.
Second: increase [internal] channel level.

Ignoring the taskbar. Does the headphone sound level change when master is set max and headphone varied?

I have been doing a websearch "Conexant CX20756 ubuntu" to see if anything comes up specific to your sound card. Nothing much found so far.

I am wondering if you need to install/re-install Pulse Audio ?
@Aravisian can you help OP with that.

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No. Just the PCM gives me some volume, but very low.

Let's try. How I do?

You can try this with:

sudo dpkg --purge --force-depends pulseaudio alsa-base alsa-utils && sudo apt install pulseaudio alsa-base alsa-utils

and cross all your fingers and toes.

Yes it does.
Master is your overall sound output level. The others can be set 100% unless they are too loud, in which case reduce to comfortable level.
Regardless of visually seeing the sliders move. Does the audible volume change. That, I believe, is the aim of this exercise.

I am going to have to leave now. I will get back when I can. zab

Nope "/

I have one time this problem when my jack port was unstable or my op-amp chip was died. Your problem could be another. Did you trying another headphones? Tried scroll round Jack on port. Put your Jack first to half and check volume then put all. This checked your left and rights channel on headphones.