Special Thanks to Aravisian

As I've been looking at this what seems forever list of new topics and such
the past few days (still hoping to see the Dell/install issue is fixed so I can begin to enjoy the 16 Pro fun) one glaring thing occurred to me..

In almost every topic, in every string/feed, there's this blue wolfish emoji (I'm not sure what it's called). Someone who seems to be involved with all, helping all.

So I just wanted to say Thank You to Aravisian. You have always shown yourself to be an extremely helpful comrade, who we should appreciate. You have done so much, for so many, so often. Words can't express it all, so again, Thank You.


Totally agree with you. @Aravisian is a heart of this forum :slight_smile: always want to help..because of him I wanted to give another chance to Zorin and now here I am :slight_smile:

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I really thought that the release of Zorin OS 16 would bring a few new threads and allotted some time for that... and an extra case of Dr. Pepper.

I had no idea that the forum would explode as it had.
Once I was here, it was hard to escape.
There are fingernail marks all down the walls.

On top of all else...

I am kind of also... Back to school... I have been taking classes and thinking about retraining. Always wanted to be an aircraft mechanic...
Or an Astronomer...
But I have been taking some development and programming classes because with the Pandemic- Opportunities have opened up in my area in the tech field. GOOD opportunities...
It would allow me to be a Fully classic car mech, too (No more working on this NEW Stuff with its computers and gizmos and electrical fault nightmares) - in my own time as I wish on weekends or whatever - and sell the restored vehicles on the side. OR not work on cars at all if I don't feel like it.

You might think for all those million posts that I have been sitting at the computer gaining about fifty pounds, but it has actually been the opposite here. I've gotten some Fresh New Licenses here and have been going like a bat outta...
I anticipate a future where I may be hard pressed to log into the forum within some odd number of months or maybe a year. :expressionless:


Someone needs to go over there and clone him quick!

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