Standby Mode After Boot

Hi all,

Recently I install Zorin OS 15.1 Ultimate after finish I restart my laptop and works before login screen suddenly going to Standby Mode, I have to press power button to make it out of Standby Mode.
So to test it I try to shutdown it and try to power it again with power button and it work still the same I have to press Power Button again to go to login screen.
Anyone have an idea what's wrong with my laptop...

I updated to 15.3 and the problem still there


Hi and welcome to the forum.

There is a Power setting where you can change the behaviour of the power button. You might want to check that one out.

Hi... thanks for the answer.

But that's not the case, I mean when I turn it on my laptop then my screen goes to grub select (Dual boot with Windows 10, with MBR partition) and I select Zorin after some animation of Zorin my laptop goes to standy mode and I have to push power button again and goes to login screen...
When first install Zorin with USB Flash Disk it's the same condition, when I make a choice on what I have to boot HDD or USB then after I choose Try or Install Zorin option with blue square button suddenly my laptop goes to standby mode and I must press the Power button again to continue the installation.
At first I thought perhaps it's a little bug of installation so I just continue the Installation until finish... but still happen now after I finish installation, it's quite odd push power button twice to make it work...
(I already try other linux distribution and all make the same condition)

Other Linux OS that I try like Elementary OS, Manjaro, and Mint. Perhaps this forum can help me out because I really like Zorin OS other than I try before...

You mean that you had the same problem in all other distros?

I already try Elementary 5.1 and 6, Manjaro 18.0.4, and Mint 17 MATE

Then it is not a Zorin specific issue....

What is the make/model of your laptop?

But with Windows 10 that's not any issue... working great
My laptop is Axioo NEON HNM
With specs :

  • Intel® Core™ i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz × 8
  • Intel® HD Graphics 3000 (SNB GT2)
  • RAM 6 GB

It is the question of drivers. Especially for newer laptops.
Most manufacturers supply hardware with Windows driver only and never bother with Linux drivers. We have to wait for Linux developers to write drivers for Linux or to reverse engineer it for Linux.

But this laptop release on 2008 the processor 2nd generation even it's Core I7...

I use Zorin 15.3 Ultimate

It is the same generation CPU as my 9 or 10 years old Acer Aspire. Then all hardware should be well supported in Linux. Did you try Zorin 16 by any chance? Final version just released a few days ago.

Love too... still manage to raise the fund to buy it.. :slight_smile:

Core version is free.

Upsss... I forget... :slight_smile:
Download right away...

I like MAC OS look if I'm in Ultimate

In any case, you might want to try it out to see if it solve your problem before making any commitment.

Yes... BTW I already try new Elementary 16 in Live USB don't have a problem above but after install the problem back again...

That might give a hint for the problem.
I wonder if more advanced user like @Aravisian could help you.

Wow... thanks...