Step by step instructions to install Zorin OS wanted

Only part of the instructions I got right was the backup of my computer.
I see I have to download balencha and I'm getting zorin pro. I had to go back about 50 YT videos to find out how these two things go together and how it works.
Is this right? The green box of balencha just sits on the computer you are downloading zorin os 16 pro to. Then when you download the zorin pro you combine the two? And the copy of Zorin pro is downloaded onto a thumb drive.
Hopefully, someone else will be as simple as my mind is and will be helped too.

Newer UEFI .ISO's don't need an app to 'burn' a bootable. Just format the USB to NTFS, mount the .ISO of Zorin, copy all the files in the .ISO, paste into the root of the USB, and done; bootable installer finished!

I've been throwing that out to help some with the whole bootable and using an app to make one - 16.3 Core worked perfectly for me like that. With BalenaEtcher - you open that app, select your USB and .ISO file to 'burn', burn, and let it finish. Takes a couple of steps but, works as well.

Rufus is the most recommended of the USB bootable creators. Very easy, even grabs bootable files when needed.. and free! Also what I would recommend haha it's a very good one to use.

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Even though I started using computers in 1994 with MS-DOS, I never programmed. So, I'm going to look up what UEFI means and start from there. I started learning Linux, but realized with what I do on my computer, it's way more than I need to apply.
I'm think I will download Rufus instead though. Thanks!

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No worries! Yeah, copying the .ISO files I've found most recent to be the fastest for USB bootables.

UEFI just replaced the older MBR style booting. Also SecureBoot for most newer ones so, have to disable that in BIOS, and Fast Startup in power options in Windows. Check out the Before you install post, has good info on both SecureBoot and Fast startup!

...and advice that you should verify the SHA256 checksum of your downloaded .iso from the value published on the ZorinOS download website.


I found a great list to work through before downloading Zorin; check the windows partition scheme, check windows bios mode, and then I got to disable secure boot.
Again I was reminded why I hate windows, with a passion! I have to have the bitlocker 48 digit key in order to complete this step. Even though I have a google chrome account, windows doesn't know who I am; my email address or any password or name. I refuse to grovel!
Is this an important step? Will the install go through without this being done?

Do you have the key??

And yes - that will need to be unlocked and disabled before installing. I know what you mean though - I never linked any of my Windows installs to an email or MS account, or even made one haha know someone that did, lost the laptop - still can't find it.. so, a lot of good that did!

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At the beginning I was trying to install the Zorin OS Pro I bought onto my HP Pavilion but still can't find out how to disable secure boot. So now I've turned to my newer computer, bending a knee to microsoft to get the stupid key in order to disable the secure boot on it. They're pretending they don't know me (since 1994) blah, blah, blah. They know more about me than my kids. I'll get the key so I can then put the OS on my newer Asus. BTW, The Geek Squad will not help anyone put an alternative OS on their computer (just in case anyone wants to know! I called Asus to see if they would be able to disable secure boot and they said it was up to windows. I thought it had something to do with the motherboard, until is doesn't, that is.
So, FastStart is disabled now on my Asus and my backup is done. Stay tuned!

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I have had great success with Ventoy, my preferred option over Balena Etcher.
If already have a GNU/Linux install, then for me it is MultiSystem, every time.


Tutorial on MultiSystem:

2 Likes <-- That might help getting into BIOS - with HP, it's either Esc or F10 when you start the computer to get to the boot menu to select BIOS. Make sure you're powered off - then power on, immediately mashing either of the two Esc or F10, then select BIOS. From there, it should be under Security settings - I don't have HP to look through.. See if that video helps - it's one of the two, might even be Del (delete, it won't 'delete' anything) or F2 - try all of them, see what works. If any of the keys don't work, don't worry - just power off and try again. Just make sure you get a good backup! As long as you have your data - nuke away! :sunglasses:

As for the BitLocker encryption - backup data (done). From what I'm reading, you can just boot into Zorin (after disabling secure boot) and format the drive before proceeding with installation. Then, you can set your partitions and all, or have the installer do it's thing. And absolutely - GeekSquad doesn't support LInux lol I think Dell and few others that offer Linux from their OS selection do though. Not sure how much.. never had to use support for Linux - besides forums and other brains haha. Secure boot isn't Windows dependent though :thinking: .. I think they're giving you the runaround on purpose..

Hopefully that helps getting into BIOS!

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I haven't used Ventoy yet - I need to check that out!

In the beginning, I had downloaded the balenaEtcher to the thumbdrive over the zorin and wiped it out so I emailed support to ask for another zorin download link because I'd paid for it. They really, really like balenaEtcher and said this:
"Please make sure to download both balenaEtcher and your Zorin OS Pro .iso file to your computer's internal hard drive, not to a USB flash drive. Afterward, plug in the external USB flash drive, open balenaEtcher and use it to write the ​Zorin OS Pro .iso file to the USB flash drive."
Microsoft is playing hard to get. I've given them every possible password I've ever used including some I've made up at this point, not really. So I accessed the "backup recovery key" option and it says you can print a copy. But, the computer ID doesn't match with their ID so the recovery key they listed isn't the right one it says. I knew it wasn't going to be that simple. We will download EDGE and you WILL LIKE IT! Oh, you young people, you don't know what it used to be like before BIG BROTHER took over.

Not that young :wink: - remember DOS 3.1's "hidden GUI" that most people never even knew how to launch..

I suppose I'm in that "big brother" category, of sorts - got my CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking) cert this past February - Wes Ratliff - Credly <-- there's all my wonderful certs just diminishing away with hopes of getting some kind of job :joy: So, I'm here!

Anyway - you're still using Windows though; correct? It seems as such - so, if you've got a thumb drive or external drive big enough to hold everything - copy all of your files to that USB drive, from Win - this guide will help you get going with BalenaEtcher and writing the .ISO to another USB (not holding your backups). I have another guide ready to go based in Rufus if you'd like that one as well - just let me know..

The encryption key will not be needed if you get a copy of your stuff, make the bootable, boot the bootable, wipe the Win partitions, and then write all Zorin partitions. The encryption unlocking; that's mainly if you want to keep the Win install, and possibly dual-boot. I have a dual-boot setup now, no encryption - but use files off my Win partition in Zorin.. if that makes sense. If you aren't trying to dual-boot - don't need the key, just wipe before installing.

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