Stuck at boot, despite boot repair done

After a successful install(w/o any error message), the os boot froze right at the zorin logo. So I booted on installaion USB and ran boot repair. The repair was finished with no errors.
I tried to boot again and pressed F2 to see what is going on. System check was being done and stuck at certain checks;
(1 of 2) A start job is running for Network Time Synchronization (time passed/time left)
(2 of 2) A start job is running for Network Name Resolution (time passed/time left)
I waited until those checks finished, but the "time left" seems to increase infinitely even though computer is connected to ethernet.

You Should Try a Reinstall, If there is no Important Data :wink:
Can You Provide Some more Info, like which OS you used before, which boot drive creator you used. More like everything that you did while making the switch So, that we can also Try to Fix this error.

This checklist is worth a read: Before you install

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