Stuck at update and other software

yes the machine have windows on it.

This question, too.

Yes, I'm doing dual boot

Is fast start up disabled?
Is secure boot disabled?
How many partitions do you have?

Fast start up disable already and secure boot disable already. There are 7 Partition

What are each partition blocks for?

EFI system partition Fat32
Microsoft reserved partition file system unknown
Basic Data partition ntfs
unallocated unallocated
ntfs 526MB
unallocated unallocated
one of the partition i create for zorin os 100GB

Any of the above may be the corrupted partition, then.
I cannot tell you which. And only you know what is on them. If they are system recovery or whatever- you can delete the partition, reformat it to FAT32, then go into windows and run a System Back up.
Then use gparted to expand the two unallocated partitions together (The move option in gparted).
That tiny 526mB ntfs may need to go.

If i want to do clean install zorin os 16 is it i just clean all the partition?

Can you rephrase that? I don't understand.

I want to clean install zorin os so can i format my laptop drive to empty drive? Then i install normally. Is it ok?

You can do that, but that will remove all your date on your drive.

ya sure no problem because i have another laptop for windows 10

My installation still have problem. Can you help me?

What are you using to burn the ISO on the USB? Did you check the ISO before burning?

Yes i have check the ISO and the iso is zorin OS 16 core everything was correct

how long do i need to wait for updates and other software

What are you using to burn the drive?

Not long (about 1 minute ~ atleast for me)

I use balenaEtcher to create as bootable usb

But i wait at update and other software for at least 5 minutes still there but i install on another laptop it run smoothly accept the sleep mode problem.