Stuck at update and other software

I stuck at update and other software.

Can anyone help me pls

Can you please give us some more details and maybe post a screenshot of the issue.

OK I post it

Here is the picture

I for one can't open that link.
Can you please post the photo here. Use the "Upload" tool which looks like a framed picture from the tolbar in the post text box.

I have just seen this reply to your other thread. We cannot support users of pirated copies.

I know... he said he downloaded core. I told him that since he did try to get help with the pirated copy to expect apprehension and for him to prove its core not the other one

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Please refrain from using drive links to screenshots. Resizing the picture or changing the format (jpg png gif) would be better to post images or use

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Stuck here IMG-20210906-153948 — ImgBB

By "stuck", do you mean that you are not sure what to do next? OR do you meant it is freezing?

It means it freeze and force quit

Ok. If you have dual boot - or a Windows partition, unmount it first.

Then, when you boot the Live USB or "Try Zorin", hit the tab or the e key to open the editor.
Find the line with "quiet splash" on the page and add pci=nomsi acpi=off to it so that it is "quiet splash pci=nomsi acpi=off"
Continue to boot, select Try Zorin, then run the installer.

With Internet connection or not?

You can try it with if you want, just to see if it works.

I freeze at here IMG-20210906-162218 — ImgBB

Still not working help pls?

I still stuck on the update and other software.

If you are still stuck, then that probably means you have either a corrupted NTFS partition or damaged sectors /drive.
NTFS is the file system used by Windows. The usual fix is to delete that partition, then reformat it (Using gparted) and then run the installer.

How to do it can you teach me step by step?

Are you dual booting? Does the machine currently have Windows on it?