Stuck installation

Hi I need help. I installed zorin Core on 3 pc's but my fixed is not working because in the setup part of the installation it gets slow and crashes knowing that my pc supports the system. can anyone help me????

Configuration of my pc:
intel core i5 9400f
16gb ram
gtx 1050 ti oc
1 ssd 480gb
1 ssd 120gb
1tb HD

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Can you let us know if you’ve verified the checksum?

And make sure secure boot is turned off

yes its off but not working

what is this?

what does it do and how do i have to do it??? @carmar

Mcfrag stop posting 4 messages at the same time please! people are volunteers here and they try to do their best to help you. Have some patients please!.



Check out our Tutorials and Guides section to see if anything may be there before posting a request

aka Before you install

but I don't have OS on the PC to do this

  1. Download the image from Download - Zorin OS

  2. Find the checksum (look up the web on how to do that) of that downloaded image.

  3. Compare the checksum from step 2 to the ones posted here: Issues trying to install Zorin OS Pro - #2 by carmar

  4. If the checksums don’t match then go back to step 1.

Thanks is already working

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