Stuck on login screen

Hello all,
I’ve recently tried to install ZorinOS on my laptop, but, after installation, I boot into ZorinOS, and it asks me to login, after doing so, I was prompted with mouse cursor and the default lock screen wallpaper, after waiting countless moments I rebooted the machine. Still, the problem occurs, any help? Thanks in advance.

What are your system specs and which Zorin? Core or Lite?
On the lock screen, click the little gear button and see if switching to Wayland desktop helps.
If not, press ctrl+alt+Fn3 (maybe anywhere from Fn1-6 for you) to get a terminal. Then, for:
Core: sudo apt --reinstall install gdm3
Lite: sudo apt --reinstall install lightdm
See if that fixes it.

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Hi all, Looks like it's been awhile since I was here. New look to the forum and needed to reregister myself! Keep it up guys!

My Zorin 15 is stuck in a "login loop" and I feel like I've tried everything but a reinstall. But I'm likely missing something.
This issue started after I made a PostgreSQL server- entering the most command line I probably ever did on this machine, hence I easily could have messed up someplace. I'm still a bit wet behind the ears when it comes to Linux! I rebooted (via terminal) and every time I enter the password I return to the login page. I tried searching for the .Xauthority file, and I get the return that it doesn't exist. Reinstalled gdm3 and lightdm with same results. Has anyone had an issue like this and figured out a way out of it? Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Hi @joejetta I am sorry if you have already done some searches here on this new forum and maybe the Old Zorin Forum archive

If not, there are a number of threads on here that discuss login loop problems, including this: Resolving Login Loop issues ... should they occur!
Note the first mention in that post by @swarfendor437 refers to corrupt files.

What version and flavour of ZorinOS are you running, e.g. Z15.3 Core or Lite, or maybe Z16Beta?