Suggest lite games in linux

I'm searching for more lite games in zorin lite,
I don't like strategy games, i like sports and action and adventure games,
i hate the heavy load of steam
I've searched in software store in zorin(snap), and i liked :
and for heavey modern games: i can play free games in the free cloud
but i don't like multiplayer online games,because it is not fair, it is depends on pay to win, not depend on skills
free browser games:
microsoft edge: surf game
I wish if u share experience with free fun lite games in linux


Astromenace is quite fun, it's space action :stuck_out_tongue:

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Counter Strike Warzone :heart:


Minetest is a great option, you can install Mineclone2 or Mineclone5 on it to make it look like Minecraft, the important thing is that you can download it for free and it requires less computer than Minecraft


Thanks, I liked warzone, minetest. I wish if any one know more , u can share it.
I was searching for free lite football games(like pes, fifa,etc), I found efootball2021(pes) free play on steam, but it's heavy, not suitable for old pc, and it doesn't avialable on free cloud,
so if anyone know free lite football gaems for old pc, can share it.
I have found that link for pes2013 in linux, but i don't know it's legal or not?

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This thread me contain useful suggestions:


I have tried that link of pes2013, wow , it's perfect , and so easy to install, just click on it, eaiser than windows,
I think if efootball2021 become free play, i think pes2013 is legel to play it free, wow what i do, i replay to my self :sweat_smile:

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