Suggest me some games

Hey there
I'm a new boy in Linux world. Altho I have searched alot but couldn't find anything. I actually want to play some game. My spec are
Intel Core 2 Duo
2 GB Ram
320 GB of storage
Zorin 16.1 Core
That's it. I know it's really low end pc but I know it can run some old games. I can find games of windows easily but not of Linux. Any kind of suggestions would be amazing :heart_eyes:
BTW I love GTA and Minecraft. I have also played Apex Legends.
Valiant Boy

Battle for Wesnoth --> turn based Fantasy strategy game. Should run on any computers.
A favorite of mine is a Rogue game called Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.
Both can be found in the repositories.
OpenTyrian is a cool shoot'em up space game where you can upgrade your ship, weapons etc. Also in the repo.


Thank You :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Lest try out them

Note, that it's old fashion graphic. Then again it runs on anything.

Yeah sure. It would make me feel the nostalgia :nerd_face:

Do also try Warmux. It may be to extensive for your computer, but at least try and see if it runs. (Also in the repo)



Great :joy:

It's pri installed in every Zorin OS :nerd_face:

Runescape :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Try Shattered Pixel Dungeon...Its open-source and free on github and flathub. Paid on Steam.


CS:GO is pretty good

Can that run on a low end pc?

You could try 3d space invaders - install Synaptic Package Manager and install 'xinv3d' - can't make the screen very big on my rig and noticed in past runs better on intel based machines than AMD processor machines having tried it on live version of the now defunct 'macpup' Linux (derivative of Puppy Linux). You could also look at simple arcade game of 'Frozen Bubble' which you can also play on internet, Install ScummVM and all the games shown for it in Synaptic Package Manager, Tux Kart - a linux derivative of Mario Kart, Never Putt - golf game, Never Ball - this is where you have to manoeuvre a ball around a course in 3d collecting tokens/stars, a sort of Microsoft Labyrinth game that came on Windows XP Plus!, 0 AD (Oad in Synaptic) - Ancient Warfare game, supertux - think super mario on Linux! Extreme tux racer (extremetuxracer) - slalom down a ski slope collecting fish on the way! blockattack - rise of the blocks! (Tetris game). xbill - stop the windows and mac machines joining the linux network! Kapman - nearest clone to Pacman. gl-117 - jet fighter game - fire your missiles on ground attack forces and opponents aircraft. Airstrike - biplane fight - 2d action. x-moto - motocross 2-d (infuriating game!) Prince of Persia 1.0 platform game:

Artifact - 7 Minutes of Exclusive Gameplay | Valve's New Card Game - YouTube on steam.


Close to the Sun Where i can find this game on Linux it is free or $?

I'm really concerned about this. Pirating a game is not what I actually want to do. But yeah you have suggested really great games :wink: