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Just a question about synaptic, in a search I can't find programs I'll find in zorin software manager. Example: youtubedl-gui can't find it on synaptic. Do I have something setup wrong?


One of the lessons you learn about Synaptic, is it can be often times weird with its search system. As you can see from my search history, I didn't pickup anything, until I just searched for Youtube. Remember this lesson for future searches...

I just tested this, as well. youtube-dl shows up, but youtube-dl-GUI does not.
And that is odd, since it should all be the same repositories used in your Sources.

I have no explanation or answer for this.

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The OP of this topic may be asking about More Packages than just this one... And addresses Synaptic Package manager as a whole.

Got it, my mistake misread his intentions I guess.

No, not at all. We all wander around. Sometimes, I second guess myself.

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Thanks for the reply's. I have this happen quit often. I guess I haven't learned to speech Synaptic..

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