System cleaner for Zorin OS ...?

Is there a system cleaner or whatever for Zorin OS (or Linux in general)? Like CCleaner, for example? Just so to keep the system in optimal mode and as clean as possible through regular or occasional maintenance. Thanks to whoever replies.

There is Ubuntu Cleaner: Here is the Description to get it.

Another Program is Bleachbit. You can find that in the Gnome Software Center.

Then there is a Program calles sweeper from KDE. You can get this in the Gnome Software Center, too.


Thanks. I found out about Stacer. Gonna try that one.


You will be fine with Stacer. I included it in the Unofficial Manual for Zorin 17 Core.

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If you go into Settings -> Privacy -> File History & Trash - there are some options: auto-clean, and purge temp files. That's all I've been using and it's been pretty reliable.

If you're using SSD / NVMe, you can also run sudo fstrim -a -v every now and then. That gets rid of junk left in the partition space.

You can also use sudo apt autoremove to find any residual unused dependencies left over from uninstalled apps. Just watch out though, sometimes it pulls things to remove that it shouldn't - just keep an eye out when running autoremove..

And few others I didn't see mentioned: UbuntuCleaner, Sweeper, RmLint, GCleaner, FsLint, and of course - Synaptic :wink:

For wiping drives - Disks has that capability; or 'zeroing' the drive. 'Zeroing' is low-level formatting which meticulously writes all zeros over the whole drive; destroying every bit of data. Takes a pretty long time, too. As the others mentioned, BleachBit is another good one; especially for emails! :joy:

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