Tar.gz files how to open them

I went to Pling.com to see if I can find a mouse pointer I liked better than the Plain Jane ones supplied .... I found several but ran into trouble opening them .... I'll just give one example .... /Bibata-Bee-Original/ .... and yes I did a search of the board before asking this ....

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How to Extract or Unzip tar.gz Files from Linux Command Line

What Is a TAR File?


Thanks Bubba .... I'll read it and give it a try .... :+1:


Hi Frog, you know how to enable them after you untar them, right?

I'm using an orange theme right now and also have the Bibata_Tinted cursor installed.
When you unzip them (it comes in a master zip, there are 3 folders) you place those folders in you "/.icons" map.

BTW if you right click on the downloaded file doesn't that offer you the possibility to open or untar them with the preinstalled Archive Manager app?

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Yes it does and I get this .....

And then this

I watched the video entitled " Adding custom cursors to Linux Mint Cinnamon 18.3 " .... to try and get some info ...

I downloaded them from gnome-look dot org but eventually it just a cursor folder/file so you can use theme independently from the DE.

138 MB that is a very big file. I think it contains several cursors at once. Where did you get it? Because the Bibata cursors I downloaded is just 8,2 MB at it contains 3 diff. folders/cursors.


OK here are the 3 objects installed in my "/.icons" map I can't open cursor.theme or index.theme cause I get this .....

the cursors folder gives me this

The actual file for the Bibata-Bee is only 9.5 MB

I downloaded all kinds of good stuff ..... here is what I downloaded ....

Now I just have to find out how to use'um .... LOL

Yep when I look at the properties of just one folder it says 22 MB. But those "theme" files are for the so called instructions for the cursors. You can look in to them using a texteditor app., but don't change em because then the cursors will be defect.

Screenshot from 2021-12-24 04-48-05

But your using Cinnamon, and activating them is diff. perhaps the instruction video tells you how to set them.

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Ensure that the files are not Marked to Run as Executable by right clicking them, then checking the Properties.

Extract a tar.gz by right clicking it and choosing extract here or if you double-click it to open it in the archive manager and then clicking the extract button at the top.

Settings > Themes > Cursor


OK sorry for the delay as I had to take a camera shot .... here is what it looks like if I try and right click on the folders in " /home/mike/.icons ....

It looks like the "Open With" is defaulting to trying to add to the panel.
Don't know why...
In that screen, scroll down to the Text Editor for the index.theme and set that as default.
In any image file, select your image viewer and set that as default. That should resolve the error about the panel.

Why your "extract here" is not showing on right click, I am not sure. It shows on mine. That may be a Plugin... But since you extracted them already, I suspect you have gotten that figured out.

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OK I did the Open With for both the Text Editor and the Image File .... don't know if this means anything or not but if I left click on the cursor.theme I get this message ....

That is still trying to launch it with panel... Right click it and set that to text Editor.

Now I get this .....

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That's because he's trying to extract the text file (which is of course not compressed). If you look closely the files are already untar'd.


Ah, I had not noticed.
Thanks for clarifying that.

That is now fixed, then.

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Frog is using a iconset which shows his theme/text files (normally to be opened with a texteditor, for the cursor files that is) , after untaring as a compressed object.

I believe that what he can do now is activate them as you suggested before;

Settings > Themes > Cursor (for Cinnamon)

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