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hey i just shifted on zorin lite previously i was using zorin core it has a feature in which if we take our cursor at left uppermost corner we can see all task we were doing at that particular time so can i geT that feature in zorin os lite also

There are extensions available for the task you want to achieve. But, not possible in xfce without modifications.

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tell me modifications i'll try it out

i wish i can see screenshot for that feature, i haven't try zorin core, but i don't know , may be that xfdashboard in xfce similar to what u talk about.
sudo apt install xfdashboard
when u install it u will find them in app menu, and u will find xfdashboard settings, which u will search about what u want to customize

**edit:to use xfdashboard u can make launcher for xfdashboard on the panel to use it, but if u want to use it like core, u mark it in session and start and install hotcorner plugin in xfce

if u can't install the plugin , u may need to run this command
sudo apt-get install -y libnotify-dev

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bro this is what i was talking about

with that u can get current tasks only, or u can get history tasks?

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ya i checked it but it was not that much good if i compare it from core version

are there more alternative of this?

i don't know , but u can get more themes in xfdashboard settings

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ok i'll check thankyou for your help


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