Taskbar help please

I had an icon on my Taskbar that was nothing more than a rectangular bar, that when selected would pop up a menu. After a reinstall of the OS, for the life of me I can not remember how I placed that bar on the Taskbar. I am losing my mind trying to find where I did this from. Any suggestions?


What menu popped up?

Sorry ... did not think to mention that! :smile: I had a colonoscopy two days ago and I think the doctor removed what commonsense I had remaining! :sweat_smile:

I believe it was the same as the Zorin menu where you can select the System, Utilites, Downloads, etc. options.

You probably saw my thread about SquashFS failures and I am still trying to get past that. I have managed to corrupt two 16 gig USB drives and the Samsung 970 boot drive. I have recovered all three of those and am now writing a newly downloaded .iso from Zorin to one of the USB drives.

Once I have Zorin installed I can get you the proper name of the menu pop-up.


I have a good install now. I believe the menu is the same one that pops up when you hit the Super button/Windows buttom. It is not necessary to have but it was sort of neat. It just bugs me that I can not remember how I got that bar there. I do have the Taskbar on the right side of the screen, not sure if that made the horizontal bar I am speaking of rather thin or not, but it was a rectangle bar that sat within the width of the upright Taskbar.

This sounds like the app menu...
And tapping the Super key by default should open the App Menu.

I am not aware of a rectangle icon...

Had you tried using any custom icon themes?

I do not recall installing any other themes or icon themes, I did add a couple of backgrounds. Does not mean I did not add a theme...I am a bit old, so all bets off on any integrity checks on my memory. :upside_down_face:

If I ever discover what in the world I did, I will let you know. Apparently this bar is not a part of Zorin thus one of the tools or programs I installed created the bar. No idea which tool but if I find it again, I will post about it.


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