Thank you so much for this whole project! <3

ZorinOS and the whole zorin project isn't like any other GNU/Linux OS in my opinion.

I was always distro-hopping to find the "perfect" Linux OS for me.
I wanted only this three things:

  • elegance & beauty like macOS
  • debian based
  • and stability

and holy moly, ZorinOS is like a gift from god.

Before I cam across ZorinOS I was using Ubuntu Budgie for most of the time.
It is really beautiful, but after a nvidia driver update my bootloader bricked and I couldn't repair it.

Somehow I came across ZorinOS and since then I'm using only ZorinOS.

The whole project ist beautiful: The OS itself, but also this forum- the blog, the website! The project seems to care about every part of it!

I never had a brick or any serious problem. And the OS is the most beautiful I know which is debian based.

Just wanted to say thank you! The possibility to pay and support is also awesome! And it is even more great, that we are allowed to use the core features for free.

And most important: it is open-source. literally the perfect alternative to windows. gaming is also absolutely no problem, steams proton runs almost most of the games which works with proton.

Im happy to live at this time right now. Don't stop creating and improving the best OS in the whole universe :sparkles:


For sure Zorin is fantastic - I use it all the time. But, technically speaking, Zorin is based on Ubuntu (which of course is based on Debian). Not a big deal but there are differences between an Ubuntu based distribution and one based on Debian.

Zorin OS is my favorite operating system too, i love it.
I'v done a subject about this too :

I really love Zorin too, and i'm switching all my computers to it. And with windows' new spyware (Microsoft Recall), its another reason to switch to Linux.


Thanks to Zorin for making the migration from Windows to Linux a pleasure.