The app center and discord keeps crashing/doesnt lanuch zorin 16

the app center open and says software catalogue is being downloaded
discord doesn't launch at all

Can you give more information, about your system, what did you do, etc.?


its dell laptop latitude 5500 and I'm booting from an external harddrive before yesterday i was testing lutris and game crashed on me while in vc then I shut down the laptop after while

Is it just Discord and the Apps Centre?

If you use Flatpak to install Discord, you can try:
flatpak reinstall discord

If you use Snap to install Discord you can try:
snap reinstall discord

I don't use snaps or flatpak, so I might be too dumb to assist you. Maybe @Aravisian(Another forum user) can assist you.


only discoed and the apps center other apps i tried work

Do the apps center totally not launch at all, you're using the default apps center right(gnome store)?

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yep I'm using the default app store it only says software catalogue is being downloaded then disappearing when I launch it again it says the same thing

I think I can't help you, let's just wait until @Aravisian respond, I don't use the Software Store or Flatpaks and Snaps. I much prefer using the Terminal to install my software, and I use Native Package Manager instead of Third Party ones.


ok thanks for the help


discord now is updating thanks for the help

In terminal, please run:

sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-software

I recommend using "better Discord."

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Never knew Better Discord was a thing.


thanks the command is now reinstalling, i will check better discord later but isn't against tos


Terms of Service?
I have been using it forever. :smiley: It's not a knock-off, it is Discord.

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It's Discord with more features?

sure :slight_smile:

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