The Choice of the Mouse Cursor in Zorin Appearance

Hello Lady's and Gentlemen! And a special Hello to the Zorin Crew who hopefully read this.

Today I want to give an Idea in the Feedback Category because I think that could be a good Option.

In Zorin Appearance You can adjust the Icon Set's, the Theme'e and the Shell Theme's. I would think that it should give an Option to choose a Mouse Cursor Icon.

I know, you can set this up in Gnome Tweaks. But I would say it would be a good to have a built-in Solution. And Zorin Appearance is a good Place to add this Option. Maybe the Zorin Crew could implement this Option in a future Zorin Appearance Update.


I understand where you are coming from. However, I still think Gnome (devs) are restrictive in what gets included where. This is why I have recently gone back to preferring KDE over Gnome:

and if there is nothing present that you don't like you can download new cursors directly by selecting the 'get new cursors' button!

Does not matter for ZorinOS due to the fact that they maintain Zorin Appearance (where you set all of this in Zorin) themselves.

I think Zorin Appearance doesn't cover cursors, it is reached by Tweaks that has to be installed. Additionally, users wishing to install new cursor themes have to grapple with taking ownership of the icons folder (usr | share | icons):

It's a lot simpler in Plasma.

I think this suggestion makes sense... after all Zorin Appearance has a suspiciously close resemblance with Gnome Tweaks :eyes:

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Yes, I agree. The KDE Settings are good. I find that too. But I don't like the KDE Plasma Desktop. I prefer the more subtile Aesthetics from the Gnome Desktop.

For me the Problems on Gnome is the same like the Problems on Ubuntu. Ubuntu itself as a System I find not bad. I don't like the Desicion's from Canonical for the System. And so is it with Gnome for me too.

The Existence of Gnome Tweaks ist the best example for this. Gnome Tweaks should not exist because this Settings could be simply intergrated in the normal Gnome Settings.

But this You have with the Desktop Themes and Icon Sets too. And that You can change in Zorin Appearance. And because You can do it there, I think it would be a good Addition to implement the Cursor Choice there too. So, Zorin would haven an built-in Customization Tool that You could use and You don't need anymore Gnome Tweaks.

A built-in Way to customize the GDM Login Screen would be nice too. But that looks fo me pretty harder to do. But that is another Issue. So, for me it would be a good Option when Zorin Appearance had the Function to choose Mouse Cursors.

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Changing the cursor in Zorin Appearance is a good idea. I believe that separating function from appearance make better experience for users, as is HTML and CSS.


Yes, I agree on some things, mainly in respect of the standard SDDM login with the onscreen keyboard. This was better in 5.27 and the goldy-dark login screen present in 5.27 now does not work in Plasma 6 where there is a switch for onscreen keyboard. I installed GDM a few days ago on KDE neon and lost graphical interface so had to re-seat the card to get the system back up. And now I have Zorin Galaxy as the boot splash.

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