The faulty cd dvd

I had redownloaded zorin os core from the official site (twice), and when installing (i tried on another partition of my main pc before and i succeded (there was the same error that i dont remember how fixed) BUT after some time it just failed and the distro when launching from dualboot was just white "_" on black screen). Now i bought the external ssd (for storage purposes mainly) and splitted it into 2 partitions the around 800 GB first one for storage and left around 73 GB for system and the 10 GB of unallocated space (i case i will need it). BUT when installing os on it it just says after almost copied all files something like "the installations failed probally of faulty cd dvd...". Can you help me?

This sounds like a graphics issue - and Secure Boot commonly can interfere with Graphics.
Since this is dual boot - Is Secure Boot enabled in your BIOS?
In Windows, is Fast boot or Fast Startup enabled in your Control Panel > Power Options?

What Graphics card(s) do you have?

I have the gtx 950 as i remember but now im not using the dual boot

Please ensure that Secure Boot is disabled in your BIOS / EFI settings.

The GTX 950 was released in 2015 and Nvidia has dropped support. The last supported driver was I think the 350 driver... The current driver is 535.

You might try installing Zorin OS but instead of rebooting when finished, shutdown and boot, then immediately enter the Grub Menu and select Advanced Options for Zorin - arrow key to `Zorin on 5.15 (Recovery) and select the recovery menu option.

In the Recovery Menu that you enter from the above selection, arrow key down to enable networking. Once that is enabled, back up to the recovery menu, then arrow key down to Root - Drop to prompt.

In that terminal, run

sudo apt-get remove --purge '^nvidia-.*'

sudo apt install nvidia-340

I have turned the safe boot long ti e ago and btw im using ventoy and the error jumpscares me on the installing processnthe copyimg files one

Are you referring to Secure Boot?

Are you saying that you cannot finish the Zorin OS installation?

Yes and yes, and thank for helping me

This may be two separate issues - I am not sure. Your first install attempt ended in a graphics error. You then said you tried using a different drive and that one ended with a different error that suggested a faulty Live Medium.

It is possible that the installation medium on the second attempt is faulty. Did you check the SHA?

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It said that there was 2 errors

You might try redownloading the .iso in case there was packet loss.

Ensure you download directly from a Zorin supplied mirror:


Thanks! I was just unlucky reta**. I redownloaded it 4 times and on the foruth time it worked!

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