The final step

Hello everyone, I had 2 partitions on my laptop. One with 700 GB for windows and the rest for Z OS. Unfortunately, the Zorin partition (root partition) filled up and stopped working in dual boot mode. Grub stopped working and I was very annoyed. Now that I only work with Zorin anyway, I'm taking the whole step of backing up all my documents under Windows and only making one partition for Zorin. I had to make a decision. Now I need patience and time for the data backup etc. This is just a short experience report.


I'm sorry to hear of your experience. One thing you can do to mitigate a full root drive is clean temp files, clear out old/unused kerenels and change the limit on system logs to a lower value before it overwrites them.

Windows did much of this for you, linux, with you in control of your hardware, leaves it to you to find out and perform the maintenance as you want. That is the price of freedom.... more you have to do yourself. Stacer is a decent program that will clear cache and temp files from the system. sudo apt autoclean and sudo apt autoremove will help clean up the apt package manager and extra kernels. Pay attention to the output to ensure nothing important is removed! When you start seeing gnome packages or zorin packages being removed, it is time to question what is occuring, without proceeding.


I use Ubuntu Cleaner weekly and usually after a Zorin software update ..... Aravisian turned me on to it years ago and it works fantastic .....


I clean out apt (being careful to read and understand what apt-get autoremove will do before hitting "Y"), then reduce journalctl size using this regime: Which computer cleaner to install? - #26 by zabadabadoo


Many thanks for the information. I am always amazed at how quickly responses are received. In the meantime, I have reinstalled Zorin and copied my data back. Do any of you use Timeshift? Or is there a better backup program?

Some people use Timeshift, others (me included) just use Backups (DejaDup) to backup Home partition. There is also the Rescuezilla or Clonezilla (GUI) image backup option.
Try a forum search on "backup" and you will find pleanty of reading.


If you can using only Zorin OS did you tried refined software boot manager? I know everyone liked OOB but linux with linux you never know what happens.