The final step

Hello everyone, I had 2 partitions on my laptop. One with 700 GB for windows and the rest for Z OS. Unfortunately, the Zorin partition (root partition) filled up and stopped working in dual boot mode. Grub stopped working and I was very annoyed. Now that I only work with Zorin anyway, I'm taking the whole step of backing up all my documents under Windows and only making one partition for Zorin. I had to make a decision. Now I need patience and time for the data backup etc. This is just a short experience report.


I use Ubuntu Cleaner weekly and usually after a Zorin software update ..... Aravisian turned me on to it years ago and it works fantastic .....


I clean out apt (being careful to read and understand what apt-get autoremove will do before hitting "Y"), then reduce journalctl size using this regime: Which computer cleaner to install? - #26 by zabadabadoo


Many thanks for the information. I am always amazed at how quickly responses are received. In the meantime, I have reinstalled Zorin and copied my data back. Do any of you use Timeshift? Or is there a better backup program?

Some people use Timeshift, others (me included) just use Backups (DejaDup) to backup Home partition. There is also the Rescuezilla or Clonezilla (GUI) image backup option.
Try a forum search on "backup" and you will find pleanty of reading.


If you can using only Zorin OS did you tried refined software boot manager? I know everyone liked OOB but linux with linux you never know what happens.

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