The future of Windows

Hey! It's been a long time...
I have an not-linux-related question for you all:
these are the usage percentages of Windows 10 and Windows 11, over the Windows Users. If the Windows OS Users are the 100%, win10 is 70% and win11 is 26%.
What do you think will Microsoft do? I am currently dual-booting zorin + windows 10, and I don't want to change my os after 2025. What do you think?

Compared to XP and Win 7, my Win 10 experience is poor and assume Win 11 to be very poor. I expect to rely more on linux (ZorinOS) and keep Win10 just for esential apps that need it.


You might wish to use your preferred flavour of GNU/Linux, install virt-manager and run whatever version of Windows you want inside of that - will certainly be more secure that way! Also you can make a backup of your virtual hard drive after creating it in case your VM of whatever version of Windows you are running gets hit by Malware/Virus!


I think we've all seen this movie before: Microsoft retiring a perfectly working product (not that W10 is perfect, not even close) in favor of something that is far more hungry for user data, system resources (probably so that they can distribute the load of training AI models to their end users, without their knowledge nor consent, of course) and the new cool kid in the neighborhood: subscription services.

None of those are desirable things to the consumer, and the proof lies in that people are actively avoiding the newest version of Windows, released in 2021.
When Windows 10 reaches end-of-life next year the only choices will be to run without updates, buy a new computer or explore other operating systems.

I've heard people claiming that Windows will end up creating their own distribution of Linux. And while I'm not entirely convinced of this I have to admit that it does make some sense. For one, most of their revenue already comes from subscriptions and cloud services as opposed to the consumer market, which is a market in decline anyway.

Nvidia has recently announced that they'll start working on open source drivers. This has been Linux's Achilles heel for decades. Once the full market of graphic cards is available to Linux users there will be nothing that can stop us!, Microsoft's foothold on the gaming market will also decline.

I think it does make sense to a certain point at least for Microsoft to do something similar to Android and create their own version of Linux. Maybe not a distribution in the same sense as Zorin OS, but more like Android − a heavily modified Linux kernel − and with enterprise in mind, tightly integrated with their cloud services, etc. Not having to maintain a huge operating system that is slowly losing the edge in an already declining market would save them a ton of money.


Nothing. Why should they do something? There is a Possibility to buy (Hahahaha!) additional Update Support for Win10 after October 2025. It is some kind of extended Support Thing. But this can You only do for 3 Years if i remember right. So, Win10 will die anyway.

And then the People simply Upgrade to Win11 and that's it. I personally have a Dual-Boot, too. And this will stay until the Win10 Support is over. then I only use Linux. So, I have - from now on - still one and a half Year to find a fitted Distro for me. And it looks like, that this is Zorin. Is/Was the Best for me so far.


they must does windows lite version, i think they can return the support to windows 7.
also i think they must make it free.
if that not happens , i think windows will be dead, or will be not the most operating system in using

There are countless computers in industry preforming various tasks via Win 10. It will be interesting to see if MS will alter the hardware requirements of Win 11 to accommodate older hardware or just force companies and the private sector to upgrade all those computers.

I don't like windows 11, my pc can run it, but I hate it. Microsoft is forcing me to upgrade. This is the worst.

From Win 7 to 10 there were no new hardware requirements , but a lot of OEM drivers didn't work with the Win 10 free upgrade on many brands. I'm curious if or how MS will accommodate customers when Win 10 goes EOL.

You can simply turn off TPM. Then it will be quiet because the Requirements are not there.

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