The installer encountered an unrecoverable error. A desktop session will now be run

Getting this error while trying to dual boot zorin os with windows 10.
In the live environment, double clicking the installer doesn't do anything. The mouse goes to the loading sign for some time and goes back to normal.
This isn't the first time I've had the issue where the installer wasn't booting, linux mint xfce behaves in a similar way.
My bios mode is UEFI Native (without CSM)

Edit: Answering some questions.

Installing Z16 Core.
CPU: i5-4300U
Intel HD 4400 (not too hd)
Ram: 4 GB
HDD: ~300 gb
I've verified the hashes and my ISO seems alright.
I'm using rufus.
The error pops up a bit after i click "try or install zorin os" the installer just doesnt show.

@DemigodKushal Hi and welcome to the forum.
First off, have you looked at this: Before you install

Which version and flavour of ZorinOS are you trying? e.g. Z16Core, Pro or maybe Z15.3 Lite.

What is spec of your machine? e.g CPU, RAM, disk.

@tomscharbach @zabadabadoo
Updated the main post.

What flashing tool did you use ? possible a corrupt file on the usb ?

OP has been updated stating:

At this point, did you also attempt the other option to "Try ZorinOS"?
Does that also get stuck?

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Hello again, sorry for the delayed response.

  1. I'm using the HP Elitebook 820 G1.

  2. Heres the "weird" part. Until a few days ago I was running a dual boot with pop os. The only thing I've seemed to notice is that when flashing pop os, it prompted me to use the "dd mode" which I did. I haven't tried that mode with zorin os and linux mint. I'll be trying it later today hopefully.


The Live session works perfectly it seems. Just the installer never starts.

You may want to re-burn using iso mode in rufus. When i tried dd in rufus i couldn't get the live image to boot. Your mileage may differ.

I know you are probably tired of questions already, but we are still trying to narrow the possibilities down, how old is your hdd?

Pretty old ( I dunno the exact age ) The laptop itself is 5 years old.

Also tried DD Mode, same issue.

Have you checked the Drive integrity using SMART monitor tool?

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I'll do that rn.

Edit: Could you give a link?

Giving up on this problem. If anyone in the future finds a solution Please mail me at ***********

Thanks for all the help!

@DemigodKushal I have edited and obscured your email address from the above message.

Important Note: Revealing your email address on any public forum is a bad idea as it may be harvested and you will get lots of spam or worse.


That was a useless email address that I use for extra stuff, no problem tho. Have a great day.

LOL I used the exact same USB with the exact same flashing method on another device of mine and it worked.

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Update: After facing the same issue on so many other distros. I've come to a conclusion that its my hard drive acting up. I've replaced it and everythings seems to work perfectly.


Those are the words we like to see here on the forum :smiley:


It is interesting how often users get upset when I suggest this...:neutral_face:


But computer parts are supposed to last forever... or at least until I'm done with it!