The keyboard and mouse is disabled with a black screen or the laptop restarts after logir

I just installed zorin os 16 lite and when I login the mouse and keyboard is disabled or the laptop restarts. The keyboard and mouse keeps off even when I unplug and plug the usb (the laptop keyboard and touchpad it's broken). The laptop is dual booted with windows and zorin os

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It may sound weird, I've got a dual-boot setup myself - if I'm in Windows and just reboot to get into Zorin, I have all kinds of issues. Windows takes over the device busses.. Sound never works correctly after a reboot from Windows.. Not quite the same as it used to be.

Try: Booting back into Windows, don't login or anything - then shutdown instead of restarting. That should release the grasp of Windows on your device busses :grin: Then power on and boot into Zorin - if that doesn't work, we can take a look at some other possibilities.

It didn't work sadly :pensive:


When you're at the blank screen after logging in, issue Ctrl+Alt+F2 to get to an emergency console. Then issue sudo systemctl restart lightdm.service - see if that brings up the desktop :thinking: something might be hanging while starting..

If that brings the desktop back - open terminal and issue sudo apt install --fix-broken, there may be some broken packages during install.

But the keyboard is disabled in the black screen

I'm not exactly sure if you tried or not..

But, maybe try this:

When you're booting and see Grub - select Advanced options for Zorin


Right above where the highlighted item is third in the list, that's a recovery console - choose the one that says (recovery mode).

When you get to the next screen, select 'drop to root shell with networking'.

When you get to the prompt, issue apt install --fix-broken. You can see what / if things are broken what is going to be fixed - once that is finished, issue apt update && apt upgrade.

When you installed, did you install with networking enabled and install / upgrade as it's installing?

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I was installing with wifi without updates I will try what you said.

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I got errors (I'm bad at translating) the errors was W: Failed to find
And W: the download for Index files failed. Was ignored or old was used in the place

Kind of looks like maybe network isn't enabled / no connection - did you select with networking enabled root shell? It's easy to miss, for sure. If you did choose with networking enabled, may need an Ethernet instead of WiFi - that may or may not be correct though.

I will try to connect the cable

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Thx you are the best :pray:t5:

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Wait black screen again

I will try fix it

Done I just selected the Linux 5.15.0-87


No worries!

You may need to lock that one in for now, the newest 88 kernel may have something your machine doesn't quite like..

[HOW TO] set an older kernel to default boot - Follow this guide on how to set the 87 kernel for default boot for now, then we can take a look at some logs to see what might be or might not be happening.


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