The newest Ubuntu, 24....someone's not happy

I came across this article today, written by the ItsFOSS guy, who seems to be very unhappy about the latest version of Ubuntu, 24.04

It seems the official Ubuntu app store will no longer be set up to install .deb files; for one thing; and he suggests that the operating system will move towards Snap and away from debian.
Since Zorin is based on the latest Ubuntu, I assume the next Zorin will follow suit, when the time comes. However, it seems lots of changes are going on, and this guy isn't happy with them.
What do some of you think? especially as I've seen various comments that snap packages aren't too good.

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That is a bit of overreacting to what derivative distributions do with an Ubuntu base. Many good distributions use Ubuntu as a base not limited to Tuxedo OS, Mint, Linux Lite, Elementary, and Pop!_OS.

For now, it is too early too tell but some distributions may take on the additional work of changing to maybe Debian. Mint has been doing that for about 10 years with the LMDE project which I happen to like.

System76 (Pop!_OS) is designing their new desktop, COSMIC, so for now, I think Ubuntu meets their needs like Tuxedo OS on Ubuntu does for Tuxedo computers. Every distributions including Zorin will have to decide if stripping Snaps is a good thing or not, or pivot to something else.

Ubuntu may change gears too on how Snaps operate. Who knows? It is too early to tell. For now Zorin is solid for the next several years and then some. Eventually there may be some changes but for now anything we conjure up is speculation.

With every release of any distribution, there will be happy and disappointed users. There are some unhappy Zorin users since 17 came out. It's Linux... we can install something else.

EDIT: Neglected to mention the Debian package issue. In the past, only a few short years ago, I remember many distributions needing the GDebi installer (or separate installer) to install Debian packages no mater what. So, we have taken two steps forward and one step back. You can still install a .deb package with no problems.


24.04 still is in Beta release.
I tested it have bugs and for me cannot be usabled.

Still in beta release....oh so that would explain quite a bit, I had not deduced that from the article.

As far as I know it goes to install deb. But Snap is set as default. So You have to choose it. But this isn't available for all Programs.

It looks like that this is the Way. But this is a Thing that is a whole While in the Room. The Snap Way ... changes a lot.

I tested Snap Versions in the Past and I have made the Experience that they start slow and when they run, that they run not very smooth. I read that it now should be better but I didn't test that. Because Canonical are forcing her Snap Stuff I don't want test it because I don't like this Behavior.

Zorin 17 is based on Ubuntu 22 and Zorin 18 will/should be based on Ubuntu 24. And the 24 Version shouldn't be a too tough Problem I hope for the Zorin Crew to adjust. If it should ... maybe we will see a Change for the Base.

The Thing is: what comes after this. When Canonical should bring Ubuntu 26 with snap-only all Ubuntu based Distros must think what they do. Go with it or change the Base. A near Possibility would be to change the Base to Debian. We will see. Linux Mint for Example is prepared for this; they already have LMDE - Linux Mint Debian Edition. This is the Backup for the Time if Ubuntu as a Base is no longer an Option.

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It isn't no longer in Beta. It is officially downloadable:


That's true if the .deb is not in the Ubuntu repositories. .deb packages you find in and install from the official Ubuntu repositories can be installed by the App Center (it's correct name). I'm guessing this is for security reasons.

Note that App Center is really a snap package - a specific version of snap store.

As @C141ZorinOS has said, we are using GNU/Linux, we have choices. There are plenty of other distributions to choose from. I have stated elsewhere the co-ordinator of my local Linux User Group that Snap is as poor as telnet or 'finger' in terms of security.
For me a system should be free of imposed procedures that take over the whole system like systemd or it's remnants such as elogind, not to mention embedded things like pulse audio, which I disable (you can't remove it or your whole OS goes with it), and use ALSA instead. That is why my current OS of choice is PCLinuxOS 24.04 KDE. I was so impressed with it I have downgraded my Graphics Card from an nvidia GT1030 2Gb DDR-5 to an nvidia GT440 1 Gb DDR-5 card as the former peevented it from running.

Ubuntu 24.04 is on official release since april 25th 2024.

If this is official then it have problems with Gnome and I tried and also have problem with app store. Cannot installing simple programs like flameshot and another simple popular software. Yes it fast and smoothly but if I cannot installing anything and not working then for me I don't have time to losing hair and time. It is unusable for simple person. I also tried installing flameshot from terminal also not working. Gnome-session not working only ubuntu-session. If I cannot get a choice on not working distribution OOB with simple tools and software, then fast with open windows - No Thank you!

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We only have choices as long as they are around to be had.
Zorin OS dropped XFCE, Zorin OS Lite. While that is one distro, it is a trend setting distro.
As popular distros try to consolidate, these choices fade away entirely.
@swarfendor437, how much have you struggled to find your OS?
You want no SystemD. Yet, it is so pervasive, few distros are available that offer Sysvinit or other choices. You somewhat have a limited choice.
And even then, you learned some of them are using parts of SystemD.

We have some choices, for now. For how much longer?

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As someone with only modest Linux knowledge I just think it all seems an awful shame that, having got away from Windows and Microslop (some of us), it looks like we're running into another situation where so much is gradually being seized upon and controlled. I realise that good standards are needed and also progress to ensure the stuff actually works out the box, but one of the things that attracted me to Linux was the sheer variety of distros. It would be terrible to see them all herded into one gelatinous mass. If it happens, people will have good cause to argue 'why should I give up using Windows, Linux is no different'.
And Microsoft will laugh all the way to the bank as Linux infighting causes division....just like in politics.
Let's hope it doesn't go that far...


So long as TexStar is in charge of PCLinuxOS there will be never any systemd, or elogind. As well as KDE, xfce and MATE DEs are also available. I would not necessarily reccomend to new users, as you need to get to grips with .rpm and the commandline. It's an interesting ride and a really helpful forum.

@swarfendor437 I can learning new things. We learning all life.
I trying figure how to install steamOS.
Well besides it is not difficult.
apt install and using alien to change .deb to .rpm.
Some people saying using flathub but not adviced.

Many users need support for a variety of operational applications.
A very small distro gets less support from developers. XFCE and Mate are available for as long as XFCE and Mate are maintained. XFCE developers have already (repeatedly) expressed frustration about the pressures from up on high that are pushing them out.

I do not know if you recall Swarf, not long after I switched from Windows OS to Zorin OS, I commented that it felt like I had made the move too late. I had missed the era and arrived when everything was getting microsofted.
It's like driving for hours and arriving at the theme park just as they are closing.

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Similarly, you've been waiting in the queue so long for a terrifying ride, by the time you reach the front of the queue you are deemed too old to go on it. (cf. my lady's PC, still operational since 2006 with low spec hardware would not even be able to run Zorin Lite in safe mode!) Can't wait to see if PCLinuxOS KDE will run as well after an install as it did in Live mode, not even MX-Linux KDE was bootable!

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I am happy I am out from a "cage windows".
I am happy I am not in jail "apple".
First you are victim privaty.
Second you are victim a money.
Tested bought.
Apple I don't seeing anything miracle.
Windows last best version was windows7
I am also taken to late with linux but we can learning still new stuff.
I liked simplify in linux. Example is ColibriOS 8mb


Final thoughts. If PCLinuxOS (PCLOS) disappeared then my GNU/Linux days would end and I will be a permanent GhostBSD user.

I wrote the same if XFCE4 isn't exist then go to OpenBSD.

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