The newest Ubuntu, 24....someone's not happy

I found an example here:

and they are asking for donations when it is not the prime project! Go to bottom of page to see Free, Plus, Premium!

People are excited soon coming Cosmic DE.

That what @zenzen sayed Gnome gived another new idea to creating new desktop Enviroment. If they can do that then everyone can do that. That means it will be more trash or better customization DE?

I don't think it's quite as simple to do but this proves that it's possible. In this case, Cosmic comes from a for-profit business so they probably have more resources to pour in but at the same time are more invested in seeing this project through as it's directly related to their main product.

It should be released soon; I'm really looking forward to see how it looks like.

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Everytime Ubuntu releases a new version someone on Youtube is not happy :smiley: It's been that way since dawn of time.


Speaking of containerized formats... I've been stuck trying to download Flameshot as a Flatpak for over 10 minutes now, and it's only at 36%. Less than 10 seconds with apt.

Flameshot works for you? When I installing it not working any way flatpak,snap or even .deb package.

Both versions work fine for me right out of the box. But with Flameshot you need to take into account that launching it will only create a background process, to actually trigger the screenshot tool you need to run it as flameshot gui or use the buttons on the icon tray.

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Ok. That's means ubuntu fixed many bugs?

Unlikely, the latest release is from 2022; something else must have gone wrong on your installation. If you try to run from the command line you may see some useful debugging information so that's worth a try.