The os freezes when opening settings requires hard restart

HP Pavillion 2005ax
amd a8 4500m
12gb ram
512 ssd
I love using this os but every time i click on settings the entire computer freezes and requires a hard restart same thing happens when i click on change desktop background there is something wrong, please help.

@oem Hi and welcome to the Forum.
Can I ask, which version of Zorin have you installed e.g. Core, Lite etc.

Is it just Settings that freezes the laptop or have you encountered it when running app windows.

One trick that helped me when Zorin froze was to do Ctrl+Alt+Del. That will bring up Logoff dialogue box. Hit Cancel, and normal operation is resumed. That works for me, but I know others have not had it so easy. See: Zorin freezes randomly

Assuming Core, use Synaptic to reinstall the package gnome-control-center

Hi when it freezes nothing works, C+A+D, A+F4, A+F2. Nothing. I’m using the core. I have to force shut down the laptop and restart it.

Will try and let you know. Thanks for the help

I am assuming you are using nvidia- If so, you might try

sudo apt-get install nvidia-384

Amd a8-4500m

You can reset the Settings Manager and try testing it.

dconf reset -f /org/gnome/control-center/

But can you please double check your Graphics? THis particular issue seems directly connected to Nvidia Graphics drivers.