Zorin freezes randomly

Hi everyone, I’m running Zorin OS Core 15.3 on my Huawei Matebook D 14 (Ryzen 2500U version).
Sometimes it happens to me that the desktop freezes, and I am forced to restart the PC via the power button.

And also, sometimes, The PC freezes on the login screen, after entering my password (when waking up from standby).
I’m running 5.8.14-050814-generic kernel, installed with Mainline

@gnomelover Hi and welcome to the Forum.
There have been several other reports of Zorin stopping or freezing on here of late. Have a look at this other thread here:

It has happened to me a couple times, too. I did something fanagly that I highly recommend that others Do Not Do and it no longer freezes or crashes.
I upp’ed it all to gtk3.24 and removed 3.22

@Aravisian If I read correctly, upping to gtk3.24 seemed to cure freezes. But is not a simple exercise so comes with a health (sanity) warning from you. So not one for me to try.
Nevertheless that may give dev’s a clue, as I have never seen so many posts regarding Zorin freezing since I have been on it.
Anyone have other explanations regarding recent prevalence of freezing?
Not sure if Core, Lite or all flavours of the OS, but seems to me like all are suffering, albeit occassionally.

Seemed: So far. It has been over a month. Prior to that, I had times when I was working away- and suddenly the system rebooted itself without warning. Just blink… Splash screen.
I am using Lite, so gtk only- I did nothing with or about Gnome since I am not using Gnome.
Yes… It was a load of fun. Not as light as ‘/.configure > Make > Sudo make install’
Had to build from source.

It’s about officially Two Years now, since I migrated to Linux from Windows. In that short time… I have noticed that there seem to be periods of Crashing/Freezing/ Rebooting that pop up on occasion. It’s like seasonal weather.
I had that on Zorin 12 that would come and go… And at the outset of Zorin 15 - Like around 15.2… An update- it would start happening… The next update rolls down the pipe… and after a while, you notice that the crashing stopped, too.

The causes may be many and the only thing a person can really do is pull up their log files and start combing through them and see what stands out. Usually, graphics is the first culprit I suspect. But on other occurrences, it seemed more related to how xserver was communicating with the kernel and updating the kernel fixed it (Or rolling the kernel back a release). The push for Wayland is strong, and that may relate, even to us not using it. They are writing code for it in anticipation.
Next is RAM getting full. Heavy CPU and GPU usage.
In the end, the crashing issues usually stop after an update goes through.

Couple of more referrals:

Hi, here’s a small part of /var/log/syslog, I home it helps.

In my experience I have never had a complete crash, just an odd ossasional freeze. But I do not do any heavy lifting on that machine.
I learnt that I was able to escape the freeze by ctrl+alt+del, then go back to what I was doing.
I think I only forced a shutdown then reboot on first occassion, being the default solution to all IT problems and as promoted on “The IT Crowd” tv show.
(I won’t attempt to analyse gnomelover’s syslog, but I see there are some repeated events listed around “Object St.Button” )

Edit: I searched for “freeze Ubuntu 18.04”. Whilst there are numerous reports of it happening, there seems no clear solution.

It freezed today on a web page (I’m using Brave Browser), very annoying…
I tried pressing ctrl+alt+del but doesn’t work. I had to force restart the computer.

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In my news feed, I get a lot of Linux related articles.
Today, one popped up that had an interesting topic. The author was having trouble with his Older Notebook not running very well, crashing, freezing or freezing on Boot… On almost every distro he tried. He said that MS Windows and Older Distros load and work fine.
The Culprit, the Author suggests is the Latest Linux Kernel and also, Nvidia.
So those using Nvidia get a double whammy.
He writes the the kernel versions being released are dropping support for older machines, as they try to keep up with newer graphics and newer hardware.

I read the article on my phone while out, so I do not have a link handy-- But the Takeway May be for those using older machines to Roll Back to the 4.15.0-75 kernel.
The newer kernel would not really do any good for an older machine, anyway.

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