The paste option is disabled

In my desktop, right click won't work. haha. I just try it to see this paste thing since I never done it anymore after Antix made me use folder to folder copying. I guess one of the linux thing or say either DE things are this one.

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Exactly. Gnome devs would say this is not a bug, but by design.
This should not however, halt anyone from filing a bug report.
Bug reports are a great way to alert the developers (in this case Gnome) if users are unhappy about the changes Gnome Devs make.
I believe that the extension Zorin is using is gnome-shell-extensions-zorin-desktop-icons.

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That unallocated one. hahahhaha

Well, what I just do during installation is wipe out the drive, create one new partition then install. Let the OS do what it prefer. hahahahahah

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Same for me.
But my husband, a former mac user, loves to fill his desktop with files and folders (he uses MXLinux with XFCE).

I've never picked up this habit even during my 2 year sojourn in Hackintosh. It seems to be a lot to do with one's work flow.

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I don't want my desktop to be cluttered (especially with the kind of wallpaper I have right now. hahahaha). Though most users want it for easy access. Shortcuts other words.

I guess Rox File manager is much more harder than what we have. When I use it in AntiX, I need to open both folder in order to drag and drop file. At first I want to make war at that fie manager but that time. hahahaha But I get used to eventually. The reason why I want to make war is because when I right click it, it will give a command (the one with percent. its like do the old style terminal or command) than give you option of copy paste etc. I need to manually switch from Rox to Dolphin that time to be at ease, but still use that file manager in some stuff. (Just for 2 days experience. really)

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Same here.
I'm trying to convert my wife to Linux.
I must say it's not that simple.
Anyway, @Aravisian is right, I'm gonna fill a bug report at gnome and see where it leads.

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Alright, I might as well get on the fun as well....

My Zorin Drive...

Yes, I know about the extended partition, FrenchPress has brought it up before. This is what the installer chose to do on its own with 0-feedback from me.

Anyways, everybody leap for joy, who have Zorin drives with make sense partitions. WOOHOO! Clean and organized, thats right, thats the way we like it! :grin:

Sorry i haven't mentioned i have dual boot system zorin with windows 11 here is how i did it:
i had zorin installed first on 500 GB.
to create a partition for windows 11 i booted from zorin live USB and with Gparted i created a windows partition "unallocated" i shutt down and booted from windows USB for installation i selected the unallocated space i just created for installation, after finishing the installation PC rebooted directly to windows without showing up the grup menu.
i booted again from zorin live USB and used boot repair to repair grub, and this time PC booted INTO grub menu with 2 OS zorin and windows. for me personalty i fleeted proud i achieved something By the way i just find that drag option it works instated of copy and paste

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So, to be able to copy / paste to / from the desktop from Nautilus or nemo (you have to install nemo but don't have to use it) :
1 - Install nemo
2 - In gnome-tweaks (install it if you don't have it), go to the extentions menu desactivate the zorin-desktop-icons
3- In a terminal : nemo-desktop
4- Try it. You should now be able to paste / copy from to the desktop.
5- If you like it, just add it to the startup applications

I respect other people work, but seriously gnome people, a desktop is not a piece of renaissance art; just let us use it.



Is it the internal drive or the external drive?


his first screenshot was a printscreen of a MMC card formatted as exfat. The second screenshot was from different partition showing his dual boot partitions - Windows and Linux.

Exfat partitioning for MMC card in Linux can be performed with the Disks utitlity. In Windows this can be done while formatting and choosing for exfat partitioning. I my previous message I asked him why he showed the partitioning of the MMC, because I presumed he was booting Linux form his MMC card.

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Ah, OK. I will edit my comment then.

No need to, I seriously don't know why he showed the partitions of the MMC card.

BTW one can only move files between folders up to 4GB, this because of the exfat restrictions. But I'm not sure of course if he was moving a file larger then 4GB.

I think this 4GB restriction is only for FAT32.
exFAT was developed to overcome this file size restriction.

FAT32 -> 4GB limit
exFAT -> 16 EB limit

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I thought 4GB, thank you good to know. I also use a 8GB MMC card sometimes.
I have an older nuc 5 generation, which allows me to boot (besides from SSD/HDD or USB) also from MMC cards.

This is the print screen from my MMC card in Disks utility, as you can see it's formatted as exfat. Recognizable in both Windows and Linux.

I have 2 Intel Compute Sticks which have a soldered eMMC as a internal drive. It is a poor(wo)man's version of Intel NUC.

Most challenging one is the 1st gen version with 8GB eMMC.
After some struggles to install Linux desktop on it (Peppermint OS, Bhodi Linux to name a few), I finally settled for Dietpi (Debian server) and using it as a headless pihole (network wide ad blocker).

Is it possible to install Peppermint or Bhodi on 8GB? What about the ZorinLite 15.3?

I never tried Pi because I have 4GB ram in this 5 gen nuc, I guess it's enough to run the lighter Linux distributions. If they are small enough to fit on 8GB that is.

I know they are up to pi 4 nowadays with 4gb ram I believe. But I would choose a cheaper mini pc which I can expand with hardware posibilities as memory and SSD/HDD.
But I always wonder why people use PI. Is this because of the programming posibilities?

Energy consumption.
Especially for server usage, it must be on 24 hours a day, and electricity is not cheap in Europe.

I never tried Zorin on it.
Most distros will refused to be installed on 8GB.
Peppermint and Bhodi can be installed but one need to do an extensive removal of pre-installed apps to make it usable.

My conclusion is that 8GB is too small for even the lightest desktop. I am quite happy with Debian server. It runs very fast and rock solid. I can SSH into it to do all maintenance work I need to do.

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I am using Zorin 16 and I did not see anywhere to change the name to my user name. Anyway I changed all the entries to read and write and I can now cut and paste. Thanks!