The size of taskbar icons

Hi my icons on the taskbar are so small how to increase the size? i made the taskbar bigger but did not change the icons size.

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Since there isn't a clear way to change it, I think tinkering with the .js file in /usr/share/gnome-shell/extension/ is the way to go. @Aravisian Tell me if this is a bad way to do it.

I will try changing things around to see what they do, will report back.

BAD IDEA, my eyes hurts!!! There are too many lines to check. I think you can maybe suggest this idea for Zorin Team. @Aravisian maybe you know what to edit.

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I think it would be easily done in XFCE desktop.
Can tell us which version/edition of Zorin is in use?

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@FrenchPress 90% sure he's using Core because in XFCE is just in the settings.

Still it would not hurt asking.
In other thread, several of us tried to solve display issue, and it turned out that OP was using VM, not a bare-metal installation :roll_eyes:

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Shamefully, I have done very little exploration of the Gnome Desktop on Zorin OS 16. Enough to find it an impressive improvement and enough to remember why I do not use Gnome.

I wondered the same question, then I solved it by logging out, then switching to XFCE then logging in.

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@zakiro In Zorin 16 Core and Pro (Gnome desktop), you can change the size of the icons as follows:

(1) Right-click on a blank portion of the taskbar;
(2) Select "Taskbar Settings" from the menu that opens;
(3) Adjust "Panel Size (default is 48)" on the menu that opens.

Please note that the icon size changes only at the marked settings: 32, 48, 64, 96, 120 (right end of slider). As far as I know, finer adjustments aren't possible using Taskbar Settings.

See screen shot examples (monitor 1920x1080 resolution):

Panel set to "48":

Panel set to "64":

Panel set to "96":

Panel set to "120":


@tomscharbach That also changes the Panel size, what if OP wants to change the icon size itself like in KDE?

The two work in tandem -- as the icon size increases, the panel height increases to accommodate the size of the icons. That's standard behavior for Gnome. Ubuntu works exactly the same way, although, of course, if the Panel is on the side, it is panel width, rather than height, that increases to accommodate the larger icon size.

I think I know how to break the interdependency, but I can't imagine why I would want to -- 120 px icons on a 52 px panel would look like a goat's butt.

The smarter thing to do might be to make the panel transparent so that the panel becomes irrelevant. That setting can be adjusted in the same settings screen -- you override the panel theme opacity and set it to "0".

But that is sad and doesn't solve the problem entirely. If someone wants to just change only the icon size ONLY, they can't!

I'm no fan of Gnome, but I am no fan of spending hundreds of hours rolling my own distro, either.

Me too, I use Gnome because Core is Gnome. I don't like the behaviour of Gnome, too many things can't be edited (In a GUI). KDE has settings for everthing!

Precisely. If you want to use Zorin OS Core or Pro, Gnome or XFCE are the default. I'm evaluating Zorin OS Core for a particular use case, and I'm accepting Gnome as part of the package.

My personal distro is Solus OS Budgie, which is an independent (that is not based on Ubuntu or anything else, but built from the ground up on top of the kernel) distro with, for me, a near-perfect desktop environment -- minimalist, beautiful and functionally almost intuitive. I've been using it since 2017 and have no intention of changing.

This is my personal Solus Budgie desktop:

As you can see comparing screenshots, I've set up Zorin as close as I could, given the limitations of Gnome.


Tried it, HATE IT. It has 0 software in its repositories. I need to use a billion Appimage, Flatpaks and Snaps. I like to manage my things with one thing, like the way how Arch Linux does things.

But this is just my personal preference, use whatever you want.

To each his own. I want my desktop environment to be as minimalist as possible so that I am can focus on work rather than tinkering with the desktop environment.

As far as I am concerned, the Solus repository is much better curated than the Ubuntu repository -- Solus cuts the cruft -- and more than adequate for my purposes. Other than Zoom, I haven't had to look outside the repository.

The only reason people should be using Arch, is if their gluten for punishment. lol Arch is not user friendly to beginners, or even intermediate users. Arch is for Linux experts, who want to get the most out of Linux, but also requires a lot of work in setting up, and working out issues.

It is not that hard, if a package breaks, downgrade it. The installation is just copy and paste anyway.

No work required, just copy and paste to install and just use it like a normal person.

If you're not afraid of using the terminal, ARCH IS Going to BE A BLAST. I use ZorinOs 16 Core because I'm very lazy to be a hobbyist now. No time to waste, getting old.

I'm 75 and have not much time, period.

On XFCE panel, you can set the icon size independently of the panel size as long as the icon size is less than or equal to the panel height. This is also true on Cinnamon.

ZorinOs 16 Core is using Gnome by default tho