[Theme] Mysterious World --> Released <--

Myserious World icon theme for Gnome, XFCE and Budgie DE.
There are two version of the icon theme, one for light mode and one for dark mode.

If you like it, please rate it at Pling! Itt will keep up the motivation :slight_smile:



Looks good Storm ..... looking forward to trying it .... :+1:

If you like it, please rate it a Pling/gnome-look

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Now I'm going to work with the green version.

Done ..... keep up the good work ..... break is over ..... GET BACK TO WORK ..... :stuck_out_tongue: :grinning: :grinning:

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I'll do my best :wink:

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Me ..... I'm going to disappear and either play Stardew Valley or Encased ..... I've started Encased twice once as a Boss now as a Scientist but want to try the Engineer class just hate to start all over again .... don't care anything about the other 2 classes .... :thinking:

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Engineer is best IMO. Go for it.

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Why not ..... I already tried the other 2 ..... :+1: :tired_face:

Do you happen to know where the saved game folder for Encased are kept in Zorin .... I'm using the steam version that you suggested ..... I want to save that folder in case I don't like playing as an engineer ....

Thanks .... I can't find it under Steam or Encased .... it could be under Dark Crystal Games also I guess .... Steam only shows were the folder is using Windows ....

~/.config/unity3d/Dark Crystal Games/Encased/UserProfiles

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Thank you kind sir ..... I would never in gods green earth found that ..... I spent hours looking for it plus checked on the Steam website ....

OK I off to try the Men in Blue from the beginning again .... :beers: :beers: :beers:

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check if the theme is double folder.

you have to move the theme a folder up, before it can see it.

Snap app icons can't be change via themes. Only flat pack/.deb

Though I havn't added bluemail, but spotify is there.

Snap suck period! They made it that way.
Instead use the spotify repo instead.

curl -sS https://download.spotify.com/debian/pubkey_5E3C45D7B312C643.gpg | sudo apt-key add - 
echo "deb http://repository.spotify.com stable non-free" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/spotify.list
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install spotify-client

I can make an icon for bluemail n the next update.

You could edit the bluemail .desktop file and then change the icon. Or use the menu editor to that. You can use Geary icon for that.

With a text editor - But try with the menu editor first.

Nope, just when pick the custom icon for Bluemail, you pick it from the custom icon theme directory.