Thinking of buying Zorin OS 16 Pro, is it worth it?

(Disclaimer that I'm writing this with a vision patch and can't see what I'm writing. Sorry for any typos)
I use Zorin OS 16 Core on my laptop, and I didn't get all the drivers while installing. I need to reinstall as the easiest method, and thought I might as well Install Pro when I reinstall. I would like to know what features there are compared to Core and if I should spend the $40 or just reinstall Core for free. I don't have any tech savvy friends like myself, so this forum is my only real hope.

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Here is the list of what Pro includes:

Here is a detailed list of software bundled with Pro:

With the above in mind... A few points.
Pro does not contain extra Hardware Drivers. Everything needed to get the best drivers and hardware performance in Pro is included in Core and Lite.
Please use the forum for seeking help with drivers. You can also rely on the ZorinGroup Developers for Pro Installation Support.

To the question of Is It Worth It?
I would say yes.
I do not say this because of what Pro offers or because of the extra layouts. I say it is worth it because it effectively gives you a viable replacement for Windows. keeping the project alive and funded ensures a stable future for Zorin OS.
Choosing Zorin OS Pro is not so much about buying something as it is supporting something.


Thanks, I'd found a fix to my driver issue and have read the Zorin Pro features list. I would like to support the OS, and will definitely consider.

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Very good reply .... I just quoted a part of your post .....

I think most people coming from Windows think of Pro version used by M$ ..... with their Pro versions you get a lot more content that is not available anywhere even by downloading sometimes from 3rd parties ..... there are control features and goodies that are only found in the Pro version ..... such as the means to refuse ALL Windows updates ..... although I believe that is no longer the case with Win 11 ....

I chose Zorin 16 Pro to help the developers not for the extras I received even though I'm sure the small amount I paid made little difference .... I will do so again when Zorin 17 comes out ..... for the same reason .....


I bought Pro but did not install it. I just wanted to pay the price.


I bought pro last year or may be longer ago, and loved it then got drawn back to Windows because of the gaming, now I have returned to Zorin but have the light version, I will buy the new pro version when it comes out, more so to support the devs, in what is a fantastic system, and with continued gaming developments, Linux is now a viable option.


Why i always support from 8 edition Zorin. I liked this distribution Zorin. What i can sayed. It was first step to focus on linux side. Watching every time how it grow better like from egg - i mean kernel to some kind " bird" - dektop. I using now many type distribution. That doesn't mean i forget Zorin. This is still in my a heart. If new version will be. Did i buying.Yes! Why? This is good project and because very good support with wonderfull people.


That's what I would like to do, but I wouldn't be the one buying it and wouldn't want to spend a family member's money as a donation almost. It was my birthday and everyone wanted to buy me a program. I'm also really comfy in my current install and don't want to reinstall (which is my main reason against it).

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When the Direct Upgrade feature is released, you will be able to upgrade to Pro without having to reinstall.


That's good, I'm interested in that.

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Absolutely worth it ­– even if you don't use it ­– considering the hard work that went into lite, core, and pro.


I do have a paid zorin pro 16.3 and need support.
I understand support is available but I cannot find any link to get such support.
Can anyone help me?

Please scroll down to Contact Us.

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I paid the price and do not regret

Well Zorin Pro is for people who don't have a time with terminal and searching and installing app what they need also drivers.
The Pro propably what i know is full upgraded distribution with all mostly popular app,drivers and more enviroment desktop to your preferences. It gived you more time in real life and be happy with full customization and bunch many usefull software.
What is better Zorin Pro or Lite Pro?

I purchased Zorin OS 2 weeks ago now. I've taken the plunge into the Linux world and, despite some frustrations, it is working very well for me now. I realize that there is this mentality in the Linux world that everything must be free. This explains why the Linux desktop environment is so fragmented, and that developers are not working on linux-related drivers for instance. Also, aside from key programs such as Firefox, Chrome, LibreOffice, Thunderbird and a few more, the available software seems dated, and come of them is simply cr*p.

I believe that free software can get you only so far. I believe that Google Chromebooks have a bright future, even if the software is free, this is because the hardware is sold to paying customers, merely providing the software base.

While I do not see the day that Linux desktop will overtake Windows, I will personally keep using Linux, hopefully stick with Zorin OS, and contribute to Pro editions at every cycle. Perhaps one day, Zorin could develop into something bigger. Keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath.

I could as easily say this about Windows. Many Windows apps are very old. Most users do not realize that they are since they do not have a package version with date handed to them much of the time.
Your device manager app on Windows 11 is... wait for it...
28 years old.
Yet users on Linux are freaking out "this package is six months old! Why are you pushing such outdated stuff? I need a newer version I want it so bad oh God give it to me or I'll just die."

Though I would agree I had an easier time finding more options on Windows that were freeware and pretty good; on Linux I have a much easier time modifying or reporting issues with any of that freeware.
And Microsoft is a two trillion dollar company.
Only Mac OS has solid software that is good, reliable and does what it is supposed to. Apple also is a Two Trillion dollar company. But, they do very well with their computer software. They also are extremely proprietary and will nickel and dime you to death which is why they are as wealthy as Microsoft in spite of being a tenth of the size of Microsoft. Not to mention planned obsolescence.

It has been a long standing thing in GnuLinux that Free = Freedom not FreeCost.
So why is Free Cost so prevalent on GnuLinux?
Early on, Linus Torvalds expressed that he wants his Operating System to be free cost for everyone so that no one needs to be deprived of a Working Usable Operating System. The idea not only stuck around... But became very powerful as sheer unbridled unchecked absurd Greed began utterly devastating the computing world.
Look at the Subscription Services now, the pay-to-win games, downloadable content and outrageously priced software packages.
It has destroyed consumers faith in getting what they pay for.
We are paying ten times more than we should be.

In brutal honesty, Microsoft is actually pretty fairly priced when compared with Apple and Blizzard and E.A...

People that move to Linux do so because their piggy bank was broken and they feel like they want a break from being raked over the coals by HyperGreedy Corporations.


I love this response. I moved to Linux, not because of money, but I'm tired to have a buggy and unstable OS. Without going into details, you know them, I had to pay monthly for an anti-virus software and even with that, I had stability issues. My computer slowed down considerably from the Windows 8 version that I had upon purchase in 2019, and Windows 11. Instead of dumping the computer, I tried Linux. After doing research, I believed that Zorin OS was the best fit for me.


Good point. I should have been a bit more accurate and said, "Many people move to Linux do so because..."

I know better than to be that vague.

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Yes, we've all been there. If you need some bedtime reading: