Thunar file manager's side pane is flickering in Zorin Lite


I have been facing this issue from last week.
It's been 1 year using Zorin as my only primary distro and never had this issue before but now every time I open Thunar, it's side pane is flickering.

It's working fine (not flickering) when the sidepane is disabled but everytime I enable the side pane it consistently keeps flickering. If I don't close the window while it flickering then my keyboard and systray icons become unresponsive.

Solutions I tried:
1- reinstalled Thunar (didn't fix the issue)
2- reset to default themes (didn't fix the issue)
3- reboot system (didn't fix the issue)

There are no flickerings when Thunar is in sudo mode. But I don't want to use it in sudo everytime.

When I Launch Thunar from terminal it opens Thunar and immediately exits the process but Thunar window stays active and terminal is not generating any error issues while flickering

So I thought using a different file manager so I installed Nautilus but same issue is happening
here, the side pane started flickering. This time the terminal generated some errors

Don't know what is causing the issue.
How do I solve this issue?

My device specifications

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-See EDIT below, first.-

It sounds like a configuration file may be corrupted.
You might try the following. Warning: This will result your custom configurations to defaults.

mv ~/.config ~/.config-bk

Log out and back in and test.
IF Thunar is working correctly, you might want to go into !/.config-bk and move your ~/.config-bk/xfce4/panel/ contents to ~/.config/xfce4/panel/ so that you do not need to manually reconfigure all your panel settings and items.

I just did a couple tests...
The Keyboard Shortcut for show/hide the File Manager Treeview is F9 key.
I launched Thunar and Nautilus (individually) and held down the F9 key and recreated a similar flicker.

You might check either the keyboard shortcut or check your F9 Key on your keyboard and see if it is gummed up and sticking.


Looks like the issue was in config file in my case. First I checked the F9 key and it's not stucked (working fine).

Then I followed the instructions as you mentioned for config and now Thunar has stopped flickering.

Thank you very much.

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Wow, nice bug :smile:.

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Pretty irritating also :sweat_smile:


Seizure inducing... given what I saw on my screen. I do not know how you managed to refrain from trying to fix it with a hammer.

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