Time to eat soap and admit I'm an idiot

Hello all of my Zorin brothers and sisters. I've been using Zorin Core for right at a year, and in March of 21 I purchased Pro. I have yet to install it, due in large part to a cross-country move, and a ton of jobs inside and around the new house.

My problem is not a Zorin issue, but one of not being able to locate my flash drive I put Pro on (we're still not all the way unboxed). I just received my Frame Work laptop and want to start with Pro, and then will be able to upgrade my desktop.

I was hoping there was a login where I could access my account, or my purchase history, and possibly re-download Pro since I never activated the orignal purchase. Since I don't see that option, I'm going to lean on the broad shoulders of the community.

My sincere gratitude.

You should still have a copy in the Email (address) that you used when you chose Zorin OS Pro.
Do you have access to that email?


I do, I purchased it on April 8th, but there is not a download link included in the email. I can provide the order number privately.

That is odd.... How did you download it the first time?

This far removed from that even, I'd love to be able to tell you.


You should have received at least two emails from Zorin. The first email confirmed your order you had made. The second email is the email that contains the download link, as well as your registration number.

The email you would have received will have the title: Zorin OS 16 PRO

The download link will be just bellow that text.

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Yes, the download link is included in the email. You must have access to that email in order to ensure security that you are the original purchaser.
You may have ordered from one email, but registered with a different email - this can happen when someone makes the order, but then uses the PayPal Linked email to close the transaction; which is a different email address.

I'm certain I received both, but am only showing the order conformation. It's been a whirlwind summer with the move, and it would not be the first time I deleted an important email.

I don't show any emails beyond my original purchase date of 4/8.

It just came to me. I'll reply to the Zorin team from that order conformation email and request another download link?

Nevermind, it came from noreply@sendowl.com

Was it not August 2021, the Zorin 16 Pro got released?

If you bought a paid version of Zorin back in March, it might have been Zorin 15 Ultimate.


If the confirmation email came from Zorin website itself, and not Paypal, then yes, you can try replying to it. If it does no good, the other option is to bring Azorin here for admin level assistance. Which I am going to do anyways to insure you get a resolution.

@AZorin User needs admin level assistance in regards to needing Zorin OS PRO download link, lost email.

Lets hope you didn't lose your registration number too, otherwise its going to have to rely on your email address as proof that you made an order.

I do not think it is the email address Zorin group uses.
Their email always comes from their own domain

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Correct, I'm referring to it in it's present form since it's been upgraded. Yes, my purchase email specifically says Zorin Pro 15.

Thank you. I found a contact so I sent them an email. If that fails I'll try support@zoringroup.com

In that case, I am afraid you need to but another licence for Zorin 16.
Point upgrades are free but not the major upgrade.

But in fact, there is not much difference between Core and Pro version.
Most of us purchase Pro version in lieu of making a donation to support the developers.

If it comes down to having to purchase it again, I think the OS and the effort behind its development is well worth another $39.


Understood, and I completely agree.

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It is a real bargain :wink:
But see my reply above.

It is simply up to you.
Core have all basic functions Pro offers.