Top 3 favorite games on Zorin OS

What is yours top 3 games on Zorin OS?

My top 3 is;

  1. Stellaris (Steam - Native)
  2. Pathfinder: WotR (Steam - Proton)
  3. Kings Crusader 3 (Steam - Native)

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Fallout 4 (modded)
Witcher 3
Dying light (2)

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Only have 3 that I can play on Zorin ....

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt
The Pirate: Plague of the Dead
Broken Sword: Director's Cut

But the one I play the most and everyday but is on Win 7

Stardew Valley

I know it is on Steam and GOG but I'm to far advanced to start all over again ..... besides it is on a totally different computer ....

The Mrs says I look more like a Internet Shop or Gambling Joint with all my laptops and paraphernalia running .... :grinning:

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I have only 2 on Linux

  1. Warframe
  2. Path od Exile

I'm playing DOOM (2016).
Almost 200 fps, 2K resolution and stable.
Awesome game.
My specs: Gigabyte B450M Aorus Elite / Ryzen 7 3700x / RX6750 XT Sapphire Pulse / 32GB Ram.

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