Touchpad does not work + no wireless internet option

So I recently bought and installed Zorin OS 16 Pro, and I've encountered 2 issues so far. I have an asus laptop, with an nvidia graphics card (i chose the nvidia option while installing), and my touchpad does not work at all. My mouse does, but not my touchpad. Also, I can't connect to the internet. I go into the settings, and the only option for the internet is "Wired", and no wireless option is anywheres to be found.

(Let me know if you need certain commands run, along with their results to find the issue.)

As I understand it, reading your post, you did infact put a checkmark in install 3rd party software and drivers, when you chose Nvidia correct? If so, your WIFI drivers should have been installed, you should have WIFI access.

But even more so, you should have a WIFI settings in settings, including the toggle to turn it on/off. Are you saying you don't even see this in settings at all?

The thing is, without net access, you are not able to install software. So the most we can do, is with what is already installed. I can't remember if Stacer already comes installed or not, but if it is, please take a screenshot of stacer and post it here. If not, then the could run this command...

CLTRL ALT T to enter terminal.


Copy results and post them here please.

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I did click the checkmark while installing 3rd parties, and yeah, it does not show up at all in settings. I am able to hook my laptop up to wired and it works, but I would far rather have wireless. Stacer isn't installed on here, and this is what I get for "lshw." (Website is being a bit buggy, so I'll just put this on pastebin if that's okay.) WARNING: you should run this program as super-user.cole-asus-tuf-gaming-f17-fx -

I updated through the software updater and my touchpad is now working, but my wireless is still not showing up.

Can you please start a new thread on the Wireless issue? In your O.P., please include the results of

lshw -c network

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