TouchScreen rotation reversed x-y

Yes, but mine goes direct to the second (SHA256) item on that page.
(which in my opinion should be the first item on the page)

or refer to: Before you install
Methods of downloading Zorin OS - #8 by zabadabadoo

Feel free to approach Staff about your concern, As Mod's are unable to modify those instructions
I like the entire page as it further explains about the MD5 check. So it kills 2 birds with one stone .

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BlockquoteGday @Moocher,
You have done a great job, (this shows you'll be a good linux user ...Not saying this is the norm, but to TRY is a good asset )

First please run a BIOS update, (BIOS>Advanced>EZ update or EZ utility.

As we see the config file is missing.
To make this easier, i would suggest reinstalling Zorin OS. After a bit of research, some say Zorin OS core seems to setup touchscreen a little better.
If you wish to use Zorin OS Lite, then please do so.

My Main point is i recommend you reinstall. Please use a good usb stick & please use Rufus to create the bootable usb stick. If possible a usb-3 stick.

Note: some old usb sticks can be damaged/faulty ( this only needs to be a few Bad sectors, Not having a config file tells me something went wrong on installation.

Remember to check the downloaded file.
Maybe even refresh your modem.

Thanks for that, I may give a re-install a shot when I have time, I think I did have a decent stick when I installed this time and I let the verification process run through on installation but I'll check the integrity of the disc. I guess the biggest difference on install being the bios is the latest.

I hear that gnome maybe more friendly towards touchscreen but I'm using lite due to the hardware being of a certain vintage, hoping I can claw a few more years out of it, so far so good, might try core as a livecd but I'm guessing I would have to pay for that?

Stil investigating @bruceax solution who has a T100TA as opposed to my T100HA, he seems to have solved it and I think the hardware may not be too different.

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