Transferring (cloning) a Zorin install to a larger hard-drive. Possible?

My Zorin OS has a half-terabyte hard drive. Is it possible to clone or migrate the disk OS, data & config to a full-terabyte hard drive? I need more space, but I'd like to avoid a full install, if possible.

Does Gparted have that capability?

I know it can clone, but I've never performed that myself. I thought that operation could only be performed on disks of equal size. Amirite?

Clonezilla or rescuezilla (GUI) should be able to do this. I haven't done it recently however, so double check with someone with more experience.

Check out the thread above ..... I did a detailed tutorial on using Rescuezilla and use it all the time .....


Thank you. Though apparently, I wasn't clear enough. I don't want a backup.

Please dumb down a little more. I'm not well versed in computers. The words I'm using likely mean something different to more experienced users who use them among themselves. I'm improvising the technical language. I'd consider it a miracle if what I'm asking is feasible or even possible. Frankly, I doubt it.

Here's what I want at the end of the process: I want to boot from an exact copy of my current Zorin install from a solid state disk that has twice the capacity as the one that I boot from now. I want to be able to use all my current installed programs, apps, and utilities from the larger disk, without doing a complete reinstall & reload.

A backup's always nice to have, but it's not the endpoint I'm looking for.

It is entirely possible; in fact @Frog 's link to the guide on Rescuezilla will achieve that goal.
Rescuezilla or Clonezilla can be used as a backup but that is just a purpose to which the Cloned Copies made using Rescue/Clone-zilla can do.
The cloned copy can be used as a bootable duplicate copy of your installation - on another machine.

We all do this; but your description of it is the most honest I have ever seen.:wink:

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Thank you.

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Use clonezilla e and Gparted to expand

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