Transferring installation to new SSD

after playing around a week or so with zorin OS I'm pretty sure I will use it for longer. I installed it on my notebook in a partition besides the former win 11.

I now want to replace the build in SSD (with win 11 & zorinOS, as I have configured it until now) with a completly new one - and on this I want to run ONLY zorinOS.

How is that done the easiest and errorproofest way without going completely thru a new installation process?

I think I have to backup the existing state / data somehow (timeshift? normal backup?), change the SSD, format the SSD somehow for zorinOS and than copy my backup onto the newly formatted SSD.

But how and with which tools / steps?

So you dual booted and you want to remove windows?

You can manually delete the windows partition and keep your current install, or you can just reinstall it from the USB but select the "Erase disk and install Zorin OS" option. Manually deleting the windows partition can be done but it's easy to make a mistake and delete the wrong thing if you don't know what you're doing. If you erase disk, you will have to backup your stuff. I would recommend you use another usb/cd (can't be the one you use to install Zorin) or a cloud storage service like Mega or Dropbox to save your important files.

This is my preferred method:

I do not really trust that deja dup or timeshift will properly decrypt data when transferring to a new fresh install.
They work fine for use on the existing build.

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thank you for your time @PistachioGuy - I use dual boot now on that SSD and want to replace it with a complete fresh one and want to use zorinOS there as only operation system.

The dual boot SSD will be removed and stored in a safe place

Oh so you want to keep the dual boot but make a brand new one?

On a physical separate hard drive?

@Aravisian thanks for pointing to this article, in doing as described, will I get a complete "copy" of all my system settings and extensions or do I have to reconfigure everything from the scratch?

it's a notebook with a buildin but replaceable SSD

In that case you can just remove your current sdd and add a new one, and then install zorin os the same way you did before with a USB except this time instead of the "Install alongside" option you can use the "Erase disk" option

To do this, just move your entire Home Directory and move its contents to your new installation, replacing any existing default files with the new.

yes - I could start all over again (besides: I have no clue how to format / partition that new piece of hardware) but my point was to transfer everything I have downloaded and configures and setup on and personalized on my existing system and NOT to start all over again

Moving a partition from one hard drive to another is not easy...

okay, I assume with all hidden files but one question remains: I have only access to one drive at a time because the SSD is notebook build in - how / where can I secure all this home stuff (online?) to have access after I replaced the SSD?

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Can you open the "Disk usage analyzer" app and tell us how much storage space you have used up?

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You can use Pcloud or
An external USB Drive...
That is my own way is a plug in external drive.

It's new and unfamiliar, but once you explore it, you get used to it pretty quickly.
You recognize what you can save and what you can declutter.
This is why I prefer this method- because instead of something else unintelligently backing up everything, you find yourself doing needed spring cleaning as you go.

Its slightly more complex for me, since I Use Launchpad to upload my work; I must also export my public and secret keys and then import them on the new build.
That is one of many examples that may influence why I prefer my method. Since I must do more things than just plug 'n' go. It helps me remember and keep tabs on all the little things that need to be checked and moved and rechecked.

Backing up a filesystem on a cloud storage thing is probably not the greatest idea. It's probably best to use a usb

okay thank you very much guys. I will organize an USB C external drive, move that home files, replace the SSD with a fresh new one and reinstall zorinOS from USB stick, then doing the reository thing and then the home directory recovertransfer

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I suppose these 310 GB unmounted are the separate win 11 partition...

Yes that is the windows partition. It's probably best to put your zorin partition on a usb.