Transferring installation to new SSD

I'm going to jump in here with a suggestion ..... download a program called Rescuezilla it will make a complete picture of your drive or partition which ever you want ..... you can then use it to copy that partition to you new drive ..... instructions on how to use it are here with pictures .... I use this as my main source of backup .... just be sure you remember which partition you want to copy .... I advise opening the program and seeing how it works before trying it for real .....

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I was going to suggest using Clonezilla.

I will take a look at rescuezilla.

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You can copy and paste in gparted between two different disks if both are connected at same time. I did it when the software that came with my ssd only wanted to copy one partition ie. windows so I did this.

I don't think it would be recommended but it is possible.

I forgot a bit of crucial information. I did this using the Zorin boot USB as you cannot do it in normal Zorin. You cannot move the partition of the running OS whilst it's running.

Here is the website .... Rescuezilla is just not as complicated as Clonezilla and very easy to use plus it is portable as it is on a bootable thumb drive ..... not sure about Clonezilla ..... here is the link to Rescuezilla .....

Some of the features of RZ (Rescuezilla) ......

True with dejavu and timeshift.