Transitioning From Windows 8.1 To Linux- Experienced Users Required! (Updated, Check Replies)


I'm in the process of helping my mom switch from Windows 8.1 to Zorin OS Lite for her Dell Inspiron 3647 desktop. [I know she needs to upgrade, but it's what she stuck with for now.] I'm basically the more tech-savvy person in the household who has these types of duties since she's not very knowledgeable whatsoever when it comes to tech. Unfortunately, my experience with Linux is quite limited including the command-based stuff, but thankfully, I'm a quick learner. :wink:

Anyway, I at least managed to get it installed on her machine, but I haven't been able to get connected to our network via ethernet or via the WIFI that's built-in to her pc. [I would assume I most likely need some drivers & then hopefully I can get connected to our internet.] For anyone wondering, this is a link to her system's specs so you can view them:

So yeah, I basically need help with getting her drivers installed via the terminal most likely. And I would also VERY MUCH appreciate it if someone can point me in the direction of some easy to understand guides for how to use Zorin so hopefully I can maybe [eventually] teach my mom.

If any of you happen to need more details, feel free to drop me a line & I'll get back with you so we can talk! :slight_smile: Thanks in advance to anyone whom can help me out! Kyle.

Kyle, can you please open the terminal with keyboard shortcut ctrl+alt+t
Enter in

sudo lshw -c network

and paste the output here.

I would, but I'll have to do it in the morning since we tend to crash late most of the time. I'll be sure to update the article if anything else comes up though! try if what Dell suggested will work.

I tried what you suggested in the terminal. Didn't quite know what you meant when you said "output", but I'll include a screenshot instead. :slight_smile:

Pretty basic troubleshooting, but I don't even have any Dell software on here because I can't connect to our internet yet! It DOES recognize there are wi-fi networks in the area, but I can't connect to ours OR get connected via the ethernet. So I can at least rule out that this doesn't appear to be hardware-related.

This may be a good place to start. Whilst Swarf wrote this for Z15, it is still good for Z16. I see you have installed Lite, so will be Z15 anyway.

Thanks for that! I hope Zorin OS Lite is covered in this article/document since that's what she's using. I assume it is though? :thinking:

You may need to Update the BIOS.

The driver for wifi for that device should be included in the kernel.

Huh. I didn't expect THAT to be a factor TBH. Care to walk me through the steps?

It varies depending on Motherbaord manufacturer...

You may also try (reinstalling Zorin OS) switching to Legacy in the BIOS settings instead of EFI and installing Zorin OS on MBR.

Hm. Well, obviously the manufacturer is Dell since she has a Dell desktop. But tbh, I didn't happen to notice if it was on UEFI/EFI (Whichever the correct term is.) while she had Windows. I guess my best bet is doing a quick reinstall...? :thinking:

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@Aravisian Update: I went back in to the bios to do some double-checking. Bios is pretty basic for this type of pc & everything looked good. I'm re-installing it at the moment, & this time, it did manage to connect to our Wi-Fi network. I guess now I have the task of getting our drivers installed [I guess I have to do it myself assuming it doesn't automatically install them for me...?] & software, the she should be good to go.


The last version of unofficial Manual for Lite was for Zorin 12 but I never completed it as it was when my eldest was on life support just after I started it. I never got to complete it.

Almost up & running here. :smiley: Can anyone instruct/guide me on how to install the Yandex browser on her system? :thinking:[It's going to take the place of Firefox once Firefox has been removed.]

Download the installer, double click to install:

@Aravisian It's that simple? I thought it had to be done via the Terminal since it's not in the software store/center...

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Love your .deb packages. :wink:

I was about to download it when I noticed there's a Beta version. Not to be picky, but isn't there a way I can get the regular version & not a Beta if that's possible?

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Yes, it is that simple.
Otherwise... My instructions above would have said more than "double click to install."